Fred was crying when he received his DNA test.

When you take a DNA test, you never exactly know what to anticipate. Occasionally, you can even receive a surprise that transforms your life entirely.

When the man in the following joke did a DNA test, he had to reconsider his life up to that point. Although some people find themselves in a depressing scenario as a result of taking such a test, it’s a humorous joke that we can all enjoy.

We should all be able to laugh every single day. This is your chance to have a good chuckle before the day gets much worse.

Fred was crying when he got home from university.

“Am I adopted, mom?”

“No, without a doubt not,” his mother answered. What makes you think that way?

Fred handed her the results of his DNA test for genealogy. Strong matches for a family living on the opposite side of the city, and no match for any of his relatives.

His mother phoned her husband, upset.

“Honey, Fred tested his DNA, and…” I’m not sure how to put it. Maybe he’s not our son.

“Well, of course,” he answered.

“Explain what you mean.”

“In the first place, it was your idea,” her partner added.

“You recall that first night in the hospital, when the infant would not stop wailing and screaming?” Continues without end. And you wanted me to switch him out?

“I think I made a smart choice. so proud of Fred.

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