My DIL wants me to babysit her kids 9 hours a day for a week and sets lists of conditions.

The grandma was confronted with a dilemma when her daughter-in-law requested her to watch her kids for a week while she went back to work after being a stay-at-home mother. Even though the daughter-in-law had previously taken care of her son’s children, her strict standards started to cause conflict.

After four years as a stay-at-home mother, the daughter-in-law is now employed and asked the grandma to watch her for a week until daycare opened. The grandmother, however, turned them down because of the daughter-in-law’s stringent guidelines, which included expectations for academic performance, language barriers, food restrictions, and TV controls.

Refusal resulted from the daughter-in-law’s stringent rules and her dislike of the grandmother’s friends spending time with the kids. The grandmother wondered if she was wrong to refuse her daughter-in-law’s heartfelt request and her son’s entreaties.

The grandma received mixed reviews on Reddit. Some people urged her to temporarily assist her family, while others supported her hesitation and emphasized the daughter-in-law’s unreasonable expectations. The contrasting viewpoints brought to light the difficulties grandparents encounter in striking a balance between personal limits and family support.

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