My son’s wedding ended up being a nightmare after all.

Linda felt certain that she had raised her son correctly. He was going to marry a pretty girl, and they had already discussed starting a business together.

But the maid of honor’s one speech was going to destroy her son’s reputation. I’ve always thought of myself as a decent mother. I made a concerted effort to avoid being a helicopter mom or one of those annoying “boy moms” that you see online these days. He turned out to be a real gentleman after I taught him to respect women, the old, and the helpless. I therefore greeted my son Connor’s girlfriend, Carrie, with open arms when she came home. Who would have imagined that their nuptials would end in catastrophe? Naturally, I conducted some reconnaissance. She didn’t ask my son for extravagant surprises, drove an old, comparatively cheap car, and took public transit when it eventually broke down, and her gifts to us, while tasteful, never amounted to significant quantities of money, giving the impression that she was an ordinary girl. I was aware that she occasionally treated herself to a luxurious lunch at a fancy restaurant or a spa weekend, but I just put that down to her ability to budget well. I mean, don’t you think every female deserves to treat herself once in a while? You can only imagine how surprised I was when we got in a fancy sedan and headed to meet her people!

Her father, it turns out, was the owner of a well-known construction company, which allowed their family to spend money freely. Her mother gave me an explanation of their agreement when I asked them why their daughter lived so modestly. They would help her if she ever wanted to launch her own company, but they wouldn’t pay for her daily needs.

Naturally, they would also cover the costs of their daughter’s ideal wedding. I noticed Connor’s eyes brighten as Carrie clarified that she didn’t yet have a business plan in mind. You see, he had always wanted to launch a technological company since the days of diapers, but we never had the funds, and grants had never worked out for him. For that reason, he naturally thought that this was the ideal chance. Carrie was immediately on board when he pitched her his proposal on the way back. They talked about it all the time, and I was happy to see them starting their business together as a soon-to-be family. Even after their wedding, Carrie recommended meeting with investors. I wish I had known that this would all end soon. I saw that Carrie was acting differently as the wedding drew near. She made every effort to live up to my son’s expectations for their business, but I could tell that she was having internal difficulties. I asked her if something was wrong, and she gently waved my worries away. Although my initial suspicion was that she was having some sort of family conflict or had had a minor argument with Connor, I have to admit that I have also considered the possibility that she is pregnant. But I chose to remain silent and let the youngsters work things out on their own for a bit. Carrie appeared especially nervous on the day of the wedding, but I dismissed it. Who wouldn’t be anxious considering that she was the bride and that her father had invited many well-known people? I caught her maid of honor, Susan, talking to Connor as she made her way to the table, smiling and acknowledging the praises. I was shocked to see that they were clearly in a furious disagreement, but I understood at that moment that I should stay out of it. I had a gut feeling that something terrible was cooking. The maid of honor raised her glass, signaling the start of the speeches, which left the audience hushed. Her expression conveyed the knowledge that death was imminent. She started out her address with the customary hellos and thank-yous before dropping the bombshell. “Carrie. You’ve spent many years as my closest friend. Regretfully, I am unable to say the same about myself. This entire situation needs to end. I’ve been having an affair with Connor for months now! With eyes fixed on the bride, silence descended. She let out a booming, almost demonic laugh that surprised everyone. “Amazing, Susie,” she succeeded. “I’m so glad you were able to confess. I assumed I would have to speak for myself. “You see, I knew you two couldn’t be trusted from the way you looked at each other,” she said as she got up to approach Susan. Thus, I covertly placed cameras throughout the home. What do you suppose I witnessed? My love nest is home to two lovebirds! Susan’s microphone was grabbed by her. My soon-to-be husband signed a lovely prenuptial agreement without reading it because of my dad’s help. Infidelity will leave you with nothing, just in case you were wondering what you signed! But folks, don’t worry! Your cake bits were spiked with a laxative that works slowly! Have fun on your first evening together! One can only compare the chaos this generated to a tidal wave. In the distance, the bride and her family watched as others hurried to the bathroom, spitting out the cake. When Carrie saw that I was confused, she approached me and grabbed my hand. Do not be alarmed, Mrs. Green. You’ve been considerate to me always. You can eat the cake without risk. I was broken as I left the wedding hall that day. The one thing I knew for sure is that I didn’t think I knew the man I raised.

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