10+ Strange Objects That No One Could Identify

We are not experts in everything. Occasionally, we come upon objects laying around the home that we are unable to identify, even after doing extensive research on the internet. Fortunately, everything has its place online. A famous subreddit has almost two million members who are all fighting for the same thing: to understand the meaning behind objects that some of us have never seen before.

I enjoy it when people collaborate to solve puzzles, and here are a few enigmatic ones that you might be able to solve! Now I’ve Seen Everything

#1.“A small desk/table with storage on both sides, a fence at the back, and an opening at the front”

Source: The_Shrub_Patrol / reddit

“This is a coffee table,” When seated on the sofa, the rail’s purpose is to prevent objects from falling down the far end. codece / reddit

#2. This was in a silverware set that I found. Views on its intended use?

Source: Ciecie33 / reddit

It seems that you really jab butter chunks with it to pick them up. In particular, butter curls, such that it fits inside them. Not actually, the corkscrew is used as one. Flopsy22 / reddit

#3.”Nettopped posts by the side of the road in the Netherlands”

Source: gng3quionbve4 / reddit

“Until the trees get bigger, these will aid bats in finding their orientation. For bats to be able to navigate, they must be able to perceive the reflection of their sound. The leaves in that will be replaced by these. Maryolein / reddit

#4. About 3 cm long and 1 gram in weight. transparent, stiff plastic. level underneath. I discovered it in the base of a drawer. How do you describe this?

Source: Crazychemist_3 / Reddit

It appears to be a play hamster water bottle. This reminds me of something I had with my Littlest Pet Shop set when I was younger. Right now, everything is oriented upside down. outletsurplus / Reddit

#5. “What’s this enormous tower? Its width is limited to that of a staircase. There is a fire station attached to it.

Source:  MindlessKitty / reddit

“Horses are hung there after use to prevent water from eating through the hose lines.”

#6.This item is suspended from the ceiling at the hospital waiting area. Does anyone know the purpose of this?

Source:  Emotionally_Rich / reddit

“It is a signal enhancer,” dcolmena / reddit

#7. This was discovered in a kitchen equipment box at a secondhand store. Do you know the purpose of this exceptionally lovely object?

Source: tipstripes / Reddit

It’s used for cooking over a fire or BBQ. After the food is placed inside, it is simple to turn by just turning the entire thing over.  McTraveller / Reddit

#8. “White glob in a vitamin water bottle. How do you describe this?

Source:  TheBeardyBard / Reddit

“It appears to be a fungal colony.” My profession is microbiology.  Natural-Ladder / Reddit

#9. A deep front half of a full tub… What’s that?

Source: chapel976 / reddit

“This bath is trendy. a little bathtub that has a seat built into it so that you may sit down in it instead of lying down. bobi2393 / reddit

#10.”Called a ‘toaster’ in a virtual estate auction?”

Source: crosleyxj / reddit

“This is a 1940s-era salt and pepper shaker.”  BrazakAttack / reddit

#11.”Why is the top of a mail truck like that when it has an opaque, divided roof?”

Source: bameehaeng / reddit

so that when you’re inside the rear, you can see what you’re doing. less expensive than lighting installation. BmanUltima / reddit

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