“What is this hollow handle/spout-shaped metal bowl thing?”

 Wht-ever / Reddit

Answer: “A cream separator component.”

What is this object made of cushioned satin that has a hole in the middle and ribbon ties? Looks like a potentially handcrafted beauty item case.

ellanaKG / Reddit

Answer: “It appears to be intended to be hung from a hook, which explains the opening in the center.” This would transform a wooden hanger that is smooth into one that has a satin finish or top to keep delicate items like underwear or slips from falling off. Maybe the ties would be used to fasten it to the hanger. Just a hunch, though!

“A tiny plastic item. features a cap covering the tops of two tiny nubs.

letsgetdanky / Reddit

Answer: “I assumed this was for two-part epoxy when I came over here.”

“This was found on the shore. It appears to be a string with several little discs strung on it, and it is less than a foot long.

burntshake98 / Reddit

Answer: “Egg cases, those are whelk!”

“A Chevy Bolt’s rear wheel has a belt device attached to it.”

 rhinnaflor / Reddit

Answer: “It appears to be a homemade charging system.”

“A dark liquid directly beneath a light that looks to have dripped from the ceiling.”

 tsm47821 / Reddit

Answer: “They have been planted with that goo, bad ballast.”

“A small, hollow glass object with an odd opening.” What’s that?

ilovescully96 / Reddit

Answer: Glass flower holder/vase.

“Reddit is my last hope after 20 years of research!”

XxUFOxX11 / Reddit

Answer: “Within a Freshwater Drum’s Mouth.”

“I found it approximately a meter above the ground in a Swedish woodland, and it was around 20 centimeters in size. Though it is hard to the touch, when knocked, it drops liquid.

Tricky_e / Reddit

Answer: “Looks like guttation, an excess moisture-emitting polypore fungus.”

These blocks of lead were discovered in a UK river. each weighing 125 g. Is it possible for someone to positively identify them?

BillsFanChick / Reddit

Answer: “The Kuberakolam is how they remind me of them.”

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