16-Year-Old Calls Out Cheating Dad During Large Family Gathering

We occasionally have to deal with strange and unanticipated issues in our world. These are the kinds of difficulties that can occasionally be very challenging to resolve, particularly when there are family conflicts.

A kid took to Reddit to voice her worries about the way she handled a scenario in which her father had cheated on her mother. Everyone in the close family seemed to be aware of the circumstances, but no one seemed to be speaking out about them.

Things swiftly took a very ugly turn when she publicly called him out in front of the wider family. She wanted to find out if she was in the wrong, since not everyone agreed with how she handled things.

I apologize for the title, but bear with me.

I’ve never had the finest relationship with my dad. He’s never really been around; he works really long hours and travels frequently for work at a high-ranking position at a bank. My mother raised my siblings and me essentially alone, and we have a very strong relationship.

We don’t chat much, and when we do, it’s usually about how bad my grades are and how I’ll never amount to anything if I continue in this direction. I try to stay away from him.

As I grew older—I’m currently 16—I became aware of my dad’s peculiar behavior. He got home really late a few months back, and I noticed that he had a hint of perfume on him. His phone was on the table one day, and I didn’t really give it much thought until I got a text from him with a bunch of awkward a** emojis and the message, “Last night was amazing, can’t wait to see you again.” When I saw that message, I was really shaken.

When I told my mother what I had seen, she didn’t seem shocked at all. She became rather emotional, which made me feel horrible, but I decided to let it go as I didn’t want to hurt her any more. She urged me not to worry, to worry only about being a child, and to forget about everything else.

Let’s go on to what did occur. We all attended a large supper at my grandparents’ place last night. My cousin was announcing to everyone during dinner that he had started a new job at a software company. My father used the occasion to chastise me, telling me to concentrate more on my studies and take after my cousin. I continued eating, ignoring him. My Dad stated there was no respect and I never respected him, and my Uncle agreed that it was difficult to reach out to young people these days. I said, “Hard to respect you when you openly cheat on Mom and don’t even try to hide it,” since I was so sick of his s***.

Everyone fell silent, and my father was quite irate. He told my mother that she had destroyed and spoiled me and asked her what I was talking about. After a few minutes of everyone else attempting to diffuse the argument, my mother informed my siblings and I that we were going and instructed my father not to return home. Upon arriving home, my phone began to malfunction. In our group chat, my cousins told me I was a huge d**k for disclosing personal information in public. In addition, I received a couple voicemails and texts from my uncles urging me to stop being such an adult and that I destroyed my parents’ marriage.

Upon realizing my mistake, I apologized to my mother. She acknowledged that she could relate to my annoyance and that I could have handled it more tactfully in private, but whatever was done was done. My dad has also called me a few times, but I’ve turned them all down. He’s likely staying at one of his mistresses’ homes as he hasn’t returned home yet.

I was so annoyed by the hypocrisy that I wanted to get rid of him and still feel horrible about what I did. AITA?

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