Understanding things is not always easy. Sometimes we discover things we don’t understand. However, the internet has helpful and intelligent people who can swiftly clarify puzzles. And here are 9 unexpected finds with intriguing mysteries to learn.

#1 ”We received this as a wedding present some years ago. However, the present donor refuses to tell us what it is!

Answer: Be careful! It functions as a mechanism that allows you to slice cheese without manipulating the block. This is a cheese holder.

#2 “What is this plastic dolphin with slits?”

Answer: I assume it is a diving toy, similar to those dive sticks that you toss into the pool and then dive down to retrieve.

#3 ”It’s half wood, half marble, with two semi-circle dips and a small spoon. What is it?

It’s a salt and pepper “pinch pot”.

#4 ”I purchased a large box of food from a nearby shop; they included this item for free.”

Answer: An orange peeler.

#5 ”What is this object I got in my grandfather’s closet?”

Answer: To pick up sugar cubes.

#6 ”What is this? It features a fingertip-sized opening and two nubs that appear to clip to something.

Answer: It’s a keyboard key remover. It is used to help install custom keys, however if it did not come with any custom keys, it was most likely given to you to help you remove all of the keys to make cleaning simpler.

#7 ”What is this electrical tool? When plugged in and switched on, it vibrates really strongly.’

Answer: It is a Swedish massager. The hand passes through the springs, vibrating while you massage someone.

#8 ”It is 3 inches in length and looks to be made of nylon with red rubbery ends glued in. It’s lightweight, hollow, and makes no noise when shook.

It’s a kururin, or Japanese fidget gadget.

#9 ”Two plastic hook-shaped gadgets with twin prongs. “What are these and what are they used for?”

Answer: It is a tick removal tool. It’s known as a “tick twister”.

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