A 9-YEAR-OLD BOY GIVES POLICE OFFICER A SECRET NOTE. He jumps out of his chair as he reads the note.

Noah, 9, and his mother were having breakfast at Denny’s when Noah observed a lone police officer seated at a neighboring table.

At once, Noah experienced anxiety. He was certain that he wanted to take action, but he was unsure of what.

He started planning a plan after telling his mother that the policeman had been spotted.

Noah had always wanted to be a police officer since he was a little boy. He asked his mother if he may go say hello to Officer Eddie Benitez.

His mother agreed, of course, but as Noah started to get close to Eddie, he became so nervous that he dared not say anything. After a few minutes he decided to come up with a new plan that would have the officer springing out of his chair.

With the money he had saved for his birthday, Noah wanted to buy Eddie some breakfast. His mother Amanda gave the waitress a signal and explained the plan to her. Noah wrote a message on the receipt following Eddie’s charge payment.

Noah then approached the policeman after grabbing the receipt.

Eddie was perplexed as to why Noah had his receipt when he saw him approaching, but he quickly realized what was happening. The young youngster sprang out of his seat and posed for a picture with his new admirer after reading what he had written.

This was Noah’s note on the receipt:

“I want to grow up to be just like you.” Noah, I appreciate your assistance.

Eddie was deeply touched by Noah’s message, and he now carries it with him every day.

Eddie related the story:

It had great significance. It meant that I had an obligation to get up in the morning, put on my uniform, and go about my business. Are you aware? It implies that I must continue attempting to provide a positive example for each of these young men.

The story moved them to such an extent that Eddie’s place of employment, the Lakeland Police Department, put a photo of Eddie and Noah on their Facebook page.

Because of the wonderful response his considerate deed received, Noah is now more motivated than ever to become a police officer.

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