A couple celebrates the first Valentine’s Day in a restaurant; the man returns home disgusted.

A girlfriend couldn’t wait to spend her first Valentine’s Day with her partner. However, the woman’s lovely night out was marred by disappointment, which made her feel self-conscious.

A woman, 27, came up about how upset she was after their Valentine’s Day supper. She said that she had been dating her 26-year-old boyfriend for roughly seven months.

She cherished her boyfriend’s intelligence, humor, and attentiveness, and said that this was the best relationship she had ever been in. Although they did not live together, the pair spent three or four evenings a week together.

The Redditor was looking forward to Valentine’s Day because it was their first year together. After dinner, she got them a cute heart-shaped cake to eat at her apartment, and she booked reservations at their favorite steakhouse.

According to the Original Poster (OP), she was more than willing to pay for the supper because her boyfriend was a full-time graduate student and their incomes did not coincide. He had always desired an Apple Watch, and the OP gifted him one. Knowing that her boyfriend and she had different income levels, the girlfriend did not anticipate receiving a costly gift from him. All she wanted was to spend a romantic meal with him. Nevertheless, he looked fantastic and carried flowers and a card.

The original poster added that she was 5’9″ and reasonably slender. She struggled to maintain her weight, but she needed to weigh at least 125 pounds to avoid being underweight.

Although he was tall and thin too, her partner did not seem to be very hungry. Before their Valentine’s Day supper, the couple had never had a problem with the OP eating more than him, despite their fond jokes to that effect.

The OP instantly plunged into the bread basket since she was eager to indulge. After that, she scribbled down her order, which included “a salad, surf and turf (small fillet and lobster tail), and a couple of sides to share (sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes).” Her partner received just soup and a grilled salmon.

The Redditor ate her dinner to the fullest and barely touched the side dishes, just as she had planned. Her date, on the other hand, barely finished over half of his fish. The OP saw that he seemed irritated during their meal, but he refused to explain why when she sought to check on him.

When they arrived at OP’s apartment, he declared he was too exhausted to come in and share the cake with her any longer. The girlfriend had great expectations for their first Valentine’s Day together, therefore she was let down.

She released him, though, and attempted to kiss him, but he moved away. The boyfriend texted the OP early the following morning to confess that, despite the amount of food the OP had consumed, he was not fatigued.

The Redditor stated that since she ate with impeccable table manners, she knew it could not have been about how she ate, proving it was undoubtedly about how much food she had. When she tried to phone him, he did not answer and instead sent texts indicating that he was not in the mood to talk.

The boyfriend finally revealed that after giving it some thinking, he concluded it would be best for them to terminate things. He said that he had been troubled by her eating for some time and had assumed he could move over it, but he was wrong.

Heartbroken, the OP said, “I’m really upset and puzzled. He was telling me how lucky he was and how much he loved me just yesterday, before supper. I naturally feel awful about being “disgusting,” even though cutting back on my eating will cause me to lose weight and become ill,” the woman wrote.

She asked other Reddit users whether there was a way to make her relationship better. However, individuals in the comment section informed the OP she did nothing wrong. One commentator made it clear that one large lunch was not cause for a breakup.

She should return her Apple Watch and never try to mend the relationship, other internet users advised her. “He ended their relationship on Valentine’s Day.” I would want my watch returned. You should get severance compensation, if anyone deserves it,” a commentator stated.

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