A little boy spends the night in a cold attic, playing hide-and-seek with his stepfather.

In a little village where Friday nights were filled with the happy noises of kids playing, little David and his friend Eddie got into a lively game of hide-and-seek.

“Please! Please! Come on, let’s play! It’s Friday. With infectious boyish excitement, David begged with all his might.

“Okay, you go hide first,” Eddie said with a playful twinkle in his eye.

David quickly made his way up to the attic, which made for a perfect hiding place. He tucked the groaning door behind him and sank into his seat, anticipation building.

But minutes passed, and the attic was strangely quiet. David’s excitement eventually gave way to frustration despite the chilly weather. His voice trailed off with despair as he muttered, “Where is he?”

David decided to stop the game as he became more and more irritated. With triumph in hand, I pushed open the attic door, only to be horrified to find that it would not budge.

He became quite panicked when he discovered he was stuck in the attic. He pulled feverishly at the unyielding handle, but it did not budge, preventing him from making his desired escape.

“Daddy! Dad! Dad!” Shouts of panic filled David’s voice as they reverberated through the wooden door. He pounded on the wood, praying that someone would notice.

His cries appeared to fade away in the attic’s darkness, unheeded. His discomfort increased with every second that went by, and as reality struck him, tears began to spring up.

The night continued below, oblivious to the drama taking on in the attic. David’s desperate screams were muffled by the commotion inside the home.

He kept calling for assistance, but the cold attic quiet engulfed him. David was alone in the little room and could only pray that someone would notice his absence and rush to his aid.

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