A man goes on a date with a female secretary without knowing that his wife is sitting behind them.

When Sandra sees her husband Mark with a young woman, she becomes suspicious that he is cheating. As she gathers evidence to support her suspicions, she is caught off guard by the startling revelation Mark makes to her during their meeting.

As Janet related the washing disaster involving her foster son, Sandra laughed loudly and enthusiastically. But when she saw other diners in the upscale Mexican restaurant where she and her best friend were eating, she became quiet.

Janet grinned and said, “The things we do for children.” “Mark and you ought to think about fostering. It is satisfying.

Sandra groaned and nibbled at the lime wedge that came with her carnitas. She was skeptical that she and Mark could form a strong attachment with a foster child, and the fact that they would not be able to have children of their own broke her heart.

“Is that, over there, Mark?” Janet interrupted her with an unexpected statement.

With her back to the rich potted plants towering over their table, Sandra slid down toward the end of the horseshoe-shaped booth to get a better look.

He could be here for work. I am aware that on occasion, he invites customers here for lunch.

Janet offered a helpful remark, “There, Sandra, just past the huge chiminea.”

Sandra smiled as she noticed her spouse scuttling between the tables arranged around the chiminea in the middle of the dining room. He slid into the booth behind them just as she was going to wave at him to catch his attention.

Mark gave a stunning young woman a soft smile and said, “I’m sorry I kept you waiting, sweetheart.” He then took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

Sandra had a racing heart. Janet shifted to sit next to her and made a quiet remark. “Sweetheart, I’m not sure that’s a business meeting.”

Sandra felt tears rise up in her eyes. Her spouse, after twenty years of marriage, was having an affair?

But perhaps I’m mistaken, Janet added in a phony happy whisper. “I mean, in order to get potential clients to relax, I’ve frequently had to flirt a little. Perhaps Mark is acting in a similar manner.

Sandra said, “No, I think we both know what’s going on over there, Janet.” Picking up her fork, she stood up. “I’ll go over there, call him out on his jerkiness, and insert this fork straight into his—”

“Whoa!” Sandra was dragged back down into the booth by Janet, who placed her hands on her elbows. “Sandy, you can’t just run over there and attack him. Yes, this appears really suspicious.

however, there could still be a plausible explanation.

After calming down, Sandra remarked, “Maybe you’re right.”

In the end, she and Janet hid between the limbs of a small palm tree to get a good look at Mark and his female companion. They observed as Mark and the female leaned in closer, with his arm encircling her.

With an embarrassed glance around the restaurant, Mark raised his menu like a shield, keeping both his and the woman’s faces fully hidden. Sandra’s mind raced with horrible visions of them sharing a kiss behind the menu.

Mark playfully grabbed a taste of the woman’s appetizer and lowered the menu to order drinks when the waiter arrived.

“Perhaps there’s a harmless explanation,” Janet muttered. “Could it be Amy, the daughter of his boss?”

Perhaps. However, if he is lying… Sandra felt her heart sink at the idea.

Quite firmly, Janet stated, “We’ll get evidence first.” “And I have excellent divorce lawyers if he is.”

A waitress asked them if they were uncomfortable as they considered what to do next. Sandra asked the waitress about the couple while gesturing to Mark’s table.

The waitress answered, “They’ve been here quite a bit.”

“Do they always look so cute together?” Sandra inquiring.

“I apologize, but is there a particular reason you find that table so intriguing?”

Janet interrupted, saying, “No, it’s just that I’m sure I’ve seen that man buying clothing for a totally different woman.” “My friend and I were just discussing whether or not to share a photo of him on social media in case he is having an affair.”

The waiter gave a quick shake of her head. I apologize to the women, but if our establishment was linked to anything this outrageous, the management would lose it. I will have to notify my boss if I witness either of you taking pictures of anything other the food.

We definitely wouldn’t want to cause any trouble, though. Grinning broadly, Janet pointed to what was left of their dinner. Would you kindly bring the bill and package this for us to take? We must depart.

The following day, Sandra brought Mark’s lunch to work with the intention of spotting Amy, as per a plan she had made with Janet. She froze when she saw the woman from the restaurant standing next to Mark in his office.

“Sandy” Surprised, Mark exclaimed. “Why are you in this place?”

“I brought lunch,” Sandra said as she walked up to the woman. “Hello, I assume this is our first meeting. I’m Sandra, the spouse of Mark.

“Are you Sandra?” With a beaming expression, the woman shook Sandra’s hand. “I’ve learned so much about you from Mark. Eliza, Mark’s friend, is who I am.

“Keeper of Secrets!” Mark hurried over to be with them. “My secretary is Elizabeth. All we were doing was polishing the presentation for the launch party this evening.

“You appear to be acquainted… Eliza, do I recognize you from somewhere? Sandra inquiring.

Eliza shook her head and looked away. “Mrs. Baker, I don’t believe so. We’ve only had me on board for a month.

Sandra cast a questioning glance at Mark. “I’m sure you never brought up the departure of your previous secretary!”

With the retirement of Mr. Davies’ secretary, Nina was elevated to work alongside him. Nina has been replaced here by Eliza. She excels at administrative work and possesses a strong creative sense as well.

Sandra remarked, “You ought to be praising Davies, not me,” as she turned to face Eliza. She continued, “These are exquisite,” mentioning Eliza’s earrings.

“My fa-father gave them to me,” the young girl said.

“Whoa, did you come all the way down here for me alone?” Mark spoke out, praising the lunch as though it were the most fascinating thing ever. I’m grateful for this, honey. But I had already eaten with Eliza.

With her gaze set on the takeout containers in the trash can, Sandra remarked, “I hope you avoided all the high sodium and sugary foods.” “Anyway, the homemade food will be appreciated by some hungry interns.”

Eliza ran out with the lunch box, saying, “I’ll take it to the break room and let them know it’s there.”

“Mark, is there anything you’d like to tell me?” When had Eliza left, Sandra enquired.

Innocently, he answered, “I really don’t know what you’re getting at, honey.”

“What time should I prepare for the launch tonight?” Sandra inquired, shifting the subject.

“Well, are you really sure you want to go? It won’t be really thrilling.

Sandra sighed, trying to look happy. “I’m grateful, honey! I would much prefer curl up in front of the television and watch my favorite shows’ most recent episodes.

Mark smiled. Mark’s smile had clearly changed to one of relief now. He gave Sandra a quick peck on the cheek, informed her that he would likely head directly to the launch after work, and begged her not to stay up late.

Sandra knew that Mark was keeping something from her, so she left the office.

Sandra parked her vehicle in the garage of her minimalist house and went inside.

“You’re back!” Janet came walking down the stairs. “What was the outcome?”

His secretary is the girl who is with Mark. Troubled, Sandra answered, “They looked cozy.”

Janet grimaced and broke the news to Sandra, displaying a bill for a pair of diamond earrings that were specially ordered and shaped like daisies. “I’m not sure how I got this,”

“Oh my God.” Sandra put her palm over her lips. “These are the earrings that Eliza was sporting! She told me the earrings belonged to her father while maintaining a direct eye contact with me. Sandra balled up the receipt and hurled it down the corridor. “That impudent small witch!”

Sandra said, “We’ll confront him at his presentation tonight.”

Janet’s eyebrows sprang upward.”Are you certain you want to do this at a business event?”

“Given that he is hitting his secretary, it seems appropriate.” Sandra lost her temper. “How was I supposed to be hurt by him?” Sandra burst into tears. Tell me the truth, Janet: Did I do anything to drive Mark away?

Or ought I to have made a bigger effort with how I looked? Perhaps if I got Botox or offered the girls a ride. She pushed her breasts higher with her hands under them.

Sandy, it’s not you. Janet clarified that Sandra wasn’t at fault for the treachery, saying, “It’s him.”

Sandra and Janet, both dressed in gowns, saw a stern security guard at the main gate of the conference facility that evening. They required a sneaky entrance.

They discovered an emergency escape by circling the structure, but it was locked. Janet declined Sandra’s offer to break in, noting potential legal repercussions.

Finally, Janet said, “I’ll divert the security officer.”

Sandra crept around to the front of the building, hugging the wall because all of the security cameras on the front faced outward. She backed up to give Janet a thumbs-up as soon as she was near the entryway.

Janet clasped her hands together as if in prayer, then limped toward the door, her platform shoes hanging loosely from her fingertips.

Janet said, “Excuse me,” her voice quivering slightly. “Maybe you have some glue on hand? My ankle hurt, my heels broke, and so on.

With a cry, Janet diverted the guard, but Sandra persisted. Janet exclaimed, “I just need to borrow it!” out of nowhere. and fled in the opposite direction while holding the baton of the guard and pulling her dress up. The sentry pursued her.

Sandra slipped through the door and into the foyer, seizing the moment. Mark’s launch party was under way inside.

Sandra stopped and observed Mark and Eliza approach the podium. Until she saw Eliza gently place her hand over Mark’s shoulder and give him a loving smile, she was resolved to wait it out and confront him after the presentation.

Sandra became enraged and stormed across the room, grabbing a champagne flute and tossing it towards Mark. “You filthy, deceitful rat! “How long have you been having affairs with your secretary?,” she yelled.

Mark covered the microphone in a panic, pleading for more time to explain. However, Sandra divulged all that she had found—the earrings, Mark’s covert encounter with Eliza, and everything else!

Amidst the mayhem, one investor voiced her displeasure and stopped making investments. Mr. Davies dismissed Mark as payback in an effort to win back the investment. However, it was already too late. People started to leave the gathering.

Sandra was having none of it and started to walk away, despite Mark’s valiant attempts to defend himself.

Mark’s voice abruptly stopped her. “She’s my kid!” Sandra, Eliza is not my mistress. She’s my kid, after all.

Sandra halted and pivoted in shock. She realized the truth when she saw how similar Mark and Eliza were.

Mark begged Sandy, saying he had only lately learned about Eliza. “It took place in college. This girl was present at the fraternity home during a party. I hardly recall anything about it, and until Eliza appeared on our doorstep six months ago, I knew nothing about her.

“Six months?” Sandra cried out, furious.

Mark bowed his head in humiliation. “I was taken aback. And after all of our efforts to conceive a kid of our own, I was worried you would be offended to learn that I had a child with someone else.

When Sandra noticed Eliza sobbing in a chair, her rage changed. Sandra answered, “No, Mark, you were a coward.” “It’s terrible enough what you’ve done to me, but it’s unacceptable how you’ve treated your child.”

Disregarding Mark, Sandra went up to Eliza.

“Mrs. Baker, I apologize so much,” Eliza snorted and looked away. “I never intended to cause you harm or to give you cause for thought.All I wanted was a chance to get to know my dad better.

It never occurred to me that it would go this way. I pleaded with him to inform me.

Eliza, none of this is your fault. You didn’t do anything improper. Sandra threw her arms around Eliza, who sobbed deeply in return.

“There, there,” Sandra comforted Eliza while petting her hair.

With the hope that she would be able to put things right for Eliza at the very least, she said, “There are no more secrets now, and everything’s going to be okay.”

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