A man shows up to his wedding in jeans and a t-shirt; people on the internet provide thoughts.

Respect and cooperation between partners are essential components of a healthy relationship. When a couple says “I do,” they make a commitment to one another and their shared destiny.

The reality is that most individuals consider their wedding day to be one of the most memorable occasions of their life, which is why a lot of money and work are often invested in this significant occasion.

But like the groom in the story that follows, not everyone thinks they should give it their all on this special day.

A TikTok user recently posted a video of her friend Catherine’s wedding. The user explained that, while her buddy didn’t think she should ever fall in love, things changed last summer and she ended up falling deeply in love with the man she was now getting married to.

Catherine was looking forward to heading down the aisle. She looked stunning since she was donning an exquisite wedding gown, jewels, and high-end makeup. Sadly, the same could not be said of the groom, who showed up on his wedding day decked up in jeans, white shoes, and a black T-shirt.

Many people shared their opinions on the pair and their marriage due to the difference in the couple’s wardrobe choices.

The couple also posted a picture of themselves on Reddit with the comment, “Groom’s wearing jeans at a fancy wedding.”

One user said, “This might be indicative of the amount of effort he’ll put into the marriage as well.”

“How long did this marriage last? Another said, “She looks amazing, and he seems unaffected.”

Another person said, “He’s simply letting her know she has a life of him not giving a f— about her ahead of her.”

Of course, some people supported the groom’s attire selection as well.

“She looks stunning, and I adore her outfit.” One user said, “I’m not sure what their circumstances are, but I wish them both the best.”

“I don’t know. Another reader said, “Maybe she wanted a dress like this, and [he] wanted the outfit he had on their first dates. Both are happy the other is dressed as they like.” “Well dressed for their standard, overdressed or underdressed for some standards.”

In agreement, a third commenter said, “If they are happy, then who cares? It’s unfortunate if the groom simply couldn’t be a-ed.

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