A Nasty Encounter Ended into a Lesson in Justice.

My pregnant wife Karol and I were standing in line at the grocery store when a guy walked right by her and started to push. Though Karol saw justice differently, the shock was evident.

Karol astonished us both with her unshakable belief in the inherent equilibrium of the cosmos. Rather than face the impolite man, she dug inside her purse and pulled out a ripe tomato. She flung the tomato expertly, her cheeky eyes meeting the guy’s right in the chest. His garment became a symbol of shame from the impact, leaving a red juice trail.

Everyone in the shopping queue stared in shock and silence. The man was covered in tomato pulp and just stood there, stunned. Unfazed, Karol went back to putting our groceries on the conveyor belt.

As I left the store, I couldn’t help but think about Karol’s distinct perspective on justice. She believed in bringing the universe back into balance in her own unique way rather than seeking retribution or giving in to wrath.

As we strolled together, it occurred to me that, on sometimes, letting go and having faith in the cosmos to make things right can be the most effective kind of justice.

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