A pregnant woman’s fiancé cheats on her; 5 years later, she hears his ‘full-on ugly cry’ over the phone.

A woman’s life was completely upended and devastated when her fiancé betrayed her. She struggled with the hurt and eventually came up with a covert plot for retaliation. But five years later, she was shocked and intrigued when her ex called her during a breakdown.

On Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” site, an anonymous woman wrote a moving account of a romance that had taken a tragic turn in November 2018. Her story with her fiance, with whom she had fallen profoundly in love, had begun as a tale of enduring love. Before they eventually admitted their affection for one another, she had been admiring DN, her high school infatuation, for seven years.

For both of them, their relationship had been a source of dreams and optimism. As their romance developed, she made frequent trips to see him; in fact, she even considered moving to Alaska to be with him. After their engagement turned into love, she was excited to start a life with him.

But when the woman plucked up the guts to tell her fiancé that she was expecting, he was cruelly preoccupied at a party. Later, in an unexpected turn of events, he admitted to having an affair with a different woman. She decided not to announce her pregnancy after being crushed by the betrayal, and she ultimately miscarried.

DN acted callously when the original poster underwent the arduous task of retrieving her possessions from their shared residence. It appeared as though he had completely erased their connection and had even introduced her to the other woman as if their engagement had never happened. The woman quietly suffered through those excruciating weeks, hiding her grief and loss so she wouldn’t be called a “mad ex.”

Thoughtlessly inviting the other woman around multiple times over those two excruciating weeks, DN seemed indifferent to the emotional suffering he was causing his ex-fiance. She endured in silence, becoming skilled at crying silently, although she was shocked by DN’s behavior.

OP never imagined that someone she had known for so long would be so callous. Not having the energy to face them, she stayed on the couch, listening in on their conversations. Her rage burned brightly, and she wanted to hurt him the way he had hurt her.

OP’s Retaliation

The woman devised a scheme to sabotage DN’s developing relationship with the other woman before to her departure. She recognized the woman’s adaptability and eagerness to jump right into partnerships because she is bisexual. OP was able to spend some time alone with the woman on a different party night at DN’s house before she became too drunk. The other party guests were unaware of their retreat to DN’s room.

Following their meeting, the OP openly told the woman about her relationship with DN and the reason she was in Alaska. She emphasized, “[If] he cares about me enough to propose to me and then do what he did with you after I’ve known him for years, just imagine what he’ll do to you,” as she calmly and firmly cautioned the lady of DN’s potential for treachery.

The woman was overcome with regret and guilt because she had no idea of OP’s genuine identity or intentions. She was innocent of the incident, but she felt deeply remorseful for having been duped. During their private chat, it became clear that the OP had loved DN since she was a teenager.

Unexpectedly, DN interrupted their conversation and mistook it for a conversation in which there was no direct conflict. The other woman left, and the celebration went on.

DN questioned OP the next day regarding her conversation with the other woman. She purposefully reduced the other woman’s importance, suggesting that she was only a simple conquest, and made a comparison between DN’s conduct and her own. DN was clearly humiliated by this dehumanizing comment, and he stayed silent, shifting the topic.

The woman’s goal of making DN feel as small and unimportant as he had made her feel was accomplished at that very moment. But the tale was far from ended.

Karma Retaliates Brutally

The woman didn’t hear from DN for the following five years. She married and found out she was expecting her first kid during that time. Unexpectedly, in 2005, DN contacted her on social media and said he wanted to catch up. She accepted a call, ready to brag about her life.

Talking to him, DN described the tsunami of karma that had hit him following her departure. He acknowledged that her acts had wrecked his life, that they had been motivated by a desire to exact revenge for all that she had gone through.

Two weeks after she left DN, the other woman moved in with the new partner and then cheated on him with his best buddy. On Christmas Eve, however, DN lost his job as a result of his supervisor, who happened to be a mutual acquaintance, finding out and choosing to fire him. When his truck broke down and was impounded, he was unable to pay to have it retrieved. He was left homeless and friendless after his family abandoned him and his surviving buddies severely battered him during a drinking party.

After moving to Texas, DN had given his life a second thought when he got in touch with her. That’s when she decided to share the long-kept truth about the child they could have had together. He reacted with a “full-on ugly cry,” crying excessively and apologizing over and over for his previous deeds.

Finally, she said, “It’s okay, I don’t hate you,” and she gave him her forgiveness. Her good news of marriage and pregnancy was conveyed, and the call ended on an unexpectedly friendly note. “5 years after he crushed my heart, he cried enough to fill a bottle with his tears,” the user said in her final post on Reddit.

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