A teenage girl disappears, reappears 10 years later on her family’s doorstep, and blames her stepfather.

After returning from a business trip, Laura found her husband still asleep when she woke up in the morning. She went to the kitchen as usual to get herself some coffee, but not before stopping to see how her daughter Emily was doing—she was meant to be asleep in her bed.

Emily wasn’t in her room when Laura went in, even though the bed was made correctly and everything was tidy. When Laura looked around the house and realized her kid wasn’t there, she started to get scared.

Emily has previously traveled away from home. Although Laura had sneaked out to go out and party with her pals in the past, she sensed that this time would be different.

“Rick, get up!” Laura went back to their bedroom and made an attempt to rouse her husband, Emily’s stepfather. “There’s no Emily!”

“Permit me to go to sleep, Laura,” a sleepy Richard answered. She is a teenager. It seems like she sneaked out to meet those friends. Unwind.”

“Rick, this is serious. Her room is immaculate! This isn’t Emily at all!

But Richard didn’t seem overly worried, perhaps because he thought Emily would show up shortly.

Laura realized something wasn’t right, though, since she received a text message saying, “If you want your daughter alive, bring $100,000 to the address below,” as soon as she stepped back into the kitchen.

Things quickly became worse, and it all seemed like a horrible dream.

Laura called the police right away. Officers and detectives descended on Laura’s door in a hurry. When she told them what was happening, they assured her that everything would work out and that they would make every effort to locate her daughter.

Richard went downstairs after waking up and saw the police.
“Laura? What is happening? Why are the police present here?

“Emily was kidnapped,” she shakily exclaimed. “The abductor is requesting a ransom.”

“Are you certain that this isn’t one of Emily’s games?” he inquired, joining her in the living area.

She exclaimed, “Of course it’s not, Rick.” “We need to locate her!”

Laura, Richard, and the policemen went into Emily’s room.

“What’s missing from this place?” Richard and Laura were asked by Detective Harris.

“The rug!” Laura realized now. “This isn’t where it is.”

“Do you know anything about it?” Richard caught Detective Harris’s eye.

Richard answered, “Yeah, yeah, I took it to the dry cleaner.”

Harris, the detective, took a note. “Please provide the address of the dry cleaner.”

Yes, I will obtain it. After saying, “One second,” Richard walked out of the room.

Laura received a second text message at that same moment that said, “You’ll never see your daughter again if you involve the cops.”

Detective Harris proposed, “Mrs. Dennings, let’s drop the ransom.” “We can arrange in the vicinity of the drop-off point. It’s your best chance of locating the kidnapper and rescuing your daughter.

“Not in a way!” When Richard came back with the address, he objected. That carries too much risk. Maybe if we only pay the ransom, the evil guys will release her.

“But Richard, what happens if they pocket the cash and flee?” Laura gave a headshake. Not at all. I believe the investigators are correct.

It was decided to place undercover cops close to the location where the ransom is dropped off.

Laura drove to the drop-off spot the following day, hoping to see her daughter. She waited and peered through the rearview mirror of the car, but nobody came near the oak tree where she had left the money. The investigator knocked on Laura’s car window as night fell, telling her to head home as the kidnappers had most likely changed their minds.

After returning home in shock, Laura walked straight to Emily’s room. That’s when she noticed the carpet.
Her husband said, “Doesn’t the carpet look like it’s new?”

Laura knelt down on the rug. Only a few months prior, Emily had chosen the carpet on her own.

“How is it so fresh?” Laura enquired incoherently.

“A proficient cleaner can work wonders, my love,” Richard answered hurriedly.

A decade prior…

When Emily vanished, Laura was on a business trip and was left in the care of Richard.

Richard was watching television when Emily got home from school. He invited her to sit next to him so they could watch the show together. He persisted even though she didn’t want to.

Terrified, she sat down next to him, but then she noticed her stepfather was petting the edge of her skirt. He remarked, “Nice skirt,” which made Emily even more terrified.

He said, “Come on, Emily,” and reached to unbutton her shirt. It’s not like you don’t want me; you’ve grown.”

Emily cried out, “Leave!” and bolted for her room, but Richard trailed behind. “Emma, you don’t have to be afraid!” He grinned.

Emily observed blood on the carpet and experienced a sharp pain in her head. She then went dark.


Emily went on, “A few fisherman found me, Mom.” “I was in a town nearby. There, a gracious family took me in. They also looked for my family, but I was unable to recall my history. I didn’t remember anything until I came back and saw my picture on the billboards—my house, you, and that awful night!

“Emma, stop it! After everything I have done for you folks, you are accusing me? Richard let out a yell.

Laura, nevertheless, felt positive her daughter was being honest.

In order to determine whether the blood on the carpet belonged to Emily, she called the police, and they did a DNA study. The results supported it, which was not surprising.

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