A tragic house explosion claimed the lives of two beloved brothers.

Two little boys were killed in a horrific house explosion in the Missourian town of Defiance. The terrible deaths of four-year-old Julian Keiser and six-year-old Jamison Keiser occurred on Friday morning when their home caught fire. They were referred to as the “cutest little boys” by distraught neighbors and locals, who said they made everyone they came in contact with happy.

The boys’ grandparents, Jennifer and Vern Ham, as well as their mother, Evelyn Turpiano, managed to flee the flaming house and find safety. Regrettably, the fire’s severity prevented firemen from arriving in time to save Julian and Jamison. Though everyone in the town pitched in to help, the rescue efforts proved fruitless. The inquiry into what caused the explosion is still ongoing.

The land where the terrible event occurred is owned by the Florida-based Hoffmann Family of Companies. They sent their teammate’s family and themselves condolences as a show of support. The Hoffmanns have been involved in the town for a long time, having bought restaurants and wineries in an attempt to create the Napa Valley of the Midwest.

There is a GoFundMe effort in place to assist the bereaved family in getting over this heartbreaking loss. Over $145,000 has been raised thus far, demonstrating the generosity of friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers. In addition to helping with burial costs, the money will support the family in starting over after losing their house and possessions.

The bereaved family has garnered support from the Defiance community. A neighbor named Laura Emerson paid tribute to the boys by putting a Christmas wreath on a water pump close to the demolished house. She adorned the wreath with two stuffed animals out of love and devotion to the boys.

The death of Julian and Jamison is felt deeply by the entire community. We will always be reminded of their contagious happiness and zest for life. The family is in need of everyone’s prayers and support as they work through this unfathomable grief. If you would like to help in any way, either materially or emotionally, please think about donating or telling their story.

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