A woman got to call the shots at the Pearly Gates.

It’s commonly said that while nobody wants to die, everyone wants to go to paradise. That’s probably true, too, as evidenced by the fact that jokes about dying and going to paradise tend to be the funniest.

In one way or another, a lot of them entail waiting at the pearly gates and extending an invitation to enter heaven. A good joke usually involves some sort of test, one that allows the person at the pearly gates to determine whether or not the joker is allowed in.

The joke that follows demonstrates something similar. It concerns a woman who gets to decide who gets to enter the pearly gates and has the most hilarious outcomes.

A woman passed away and entered paradise.

When she arrived to the pearly gates, an angel was already there.

“What steps must I take to enter?” she enquired.

“All you need to do is spell a word,” the angel answered.

“It sounds okay, what word do I need to spell?”


The woman let out a brief “L-O-V-E,” clearly relieved.

With a nod, the angel unlocked the gate.

After several months, the woman was asked whether she would mind watching the gate for the day by the angel who was keeping watch over it.

After agreeing, the woman took up her position.

Her husband was among the men who approached the gate while she was there!

“Oh my love, what has happened to you so soon?” she sobbed.

“Oh my goodness, the day you left me, I was a mess. I had a severe depressive episode that was unbreakable. I had trouble sleeping while you were in that accident. I was unable to eat. All I could do was weep for you,” he uttered.

She comforted, “I hope you were able to move on and not live with that pain for too long.”

“In actuality, a nurse provided excellent care for both myself and you,” he answered.

She was a huge help to me and we finally grew close. Eventually, I proposed to her. I had a horrible skiing mishap while we were on our honeymoon.

It’s the reason I’m here! thus… What steps must I take to enter?

“All you have to do is spell a word,” she told him.

Is that all? How nice it is! “What word am I supposed to spell?” he asked.

In response, she said,


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