A woman hides from her adopted daughter. Mom shows up and asks to meet the girl.

After both parents decided they did not want to retain the baby, a mother questioned whether she was wrong to deny her son’s ex-lover the opportunity to see their daughter. She looked for guidance on the internet.

After declaring she didn’t want her son’s ex-lover to meet her daughter 11 years earlier, a mother of an 11-year-old daughter and 33-year-old son resorted to Reddit for guidance.

The mom’s son had gotten a woman called Erica pregnant eleven years before the post. The lady and her husband had attempted and failed to have further children, so even though Erica and her son didn’t want to retain the boy, they decided to nurture him as their own.

The couple kept Erica’s daughter for eleven years as their own, never disclosing to her that her brother was her father and that they were not her biological parents. But when Erica had a change of heart, everything was upended.

What transpired between the son’s parents

The woman revealed that because her husband did not want to visit or spend time with his daughter, they did not have a strong relationship with their son. But they spoke on the phone and via texts with him daily.

The woman and her spouse assisted Erica financially and paid her rent for two years while she was attending college, but they also had a tense relationship with her after she turned over her kid.

The son of the couple visited them one day. The lady recalled, “He told us Erica had asked to see our daughter.” Though the woman’s husband had informed Erica that they didn’t think it was suitable at the time, they could have permitted communication when she was pregnant. That’s when everything went wrong.

What took place when the woman rejected Erica’s request to speak?

The lady and her spouse decided to inform their daughter that her grandparents had taken her in from her father and his mistress when they thought she was healthy enough to handle the information.

However, they thought it wouldn’t be the best moment to break the news to their daughter because she was receiving anxiety therapy. The son of the mother believed that the mom was treating Erica horribly.

Erica, who gave birth to a son who was two years old at the time, expressed her inability to envision the little girl’s reaction upon discovering that her adoptive mother had been withholding a significant secret from her for a long time.

The lady and her spouse had known Erica’s parents for twenty-five years, having been friends with them when Erica became pregnant with her first baby. However, the parents declined to communicate with the couple, claiming to have “approved” the adoption eleven years prior.

The woman had experienced something similar in the past, so she was perplexed by the responses she got. She disclosed

“When we went through this [three] years ago, nobody had an issue. When Erica reached out to us, we turned her down, explaining that we didn’t feel comfortable until our daughter reached adulthood, but all of a sudden, everyone seemed to be going insane.

Some expressed sympathy for the mom, stating that she was entitled to determine what was best for her daughter and when to inform her of the circumstances. Many believed that the lady should be accepted by people around her as the girl’s mother in all but name.

Some commenters, on the other hand, believed the lady was being unreasonable for not sharing her real-life story with her daughter and for preventing access to the girl’s birth mother, particularly after it was suggested that she may have had touch with her mother while she was pregnant.

A lot of people claimed that the woman’s daughter had every right to know that she was adopted, just as her real mother had to ask to see her. Some suggested that after informing her daughter about the situation, she should ask her whether she wanted to meet her biological mother.

Do you believe the mother and her husband were correct to keep their daughter from seeing her birth mother? If you had been in their position, how would you have responded to the circumstance?

Do you believe the mother and her husband were correct to keep their daughter from seeing her birth mother? If you had been in their position, how would you have responded to the circumstance?

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