A woman said her stepdaughter wished her to abort the baby she was expecting, and her husband agreed.

Unexpectedly, a lady who has been married to a guy for 14 years and who has two adult children from his previous marriage falls pregnant. Her excitement at learning she is pregnant stems from her struggles with infertility and money.

But things grow worse when her stepdaughter finds out she’s pregnant and shows disapproval by saying she should get an abortion. In a chat with the stepson, the stepdaughter describes the pregnancy as “disgusting.”

Rather than encourage his wife, the husband proposes thinking about getting an abortion. The woman departs, feeling abandoned and hurt, and heads to her parents’ home. Nobody contacts her even though she’s not there. Redditors suggest that she talk to her spouse, establish limits with the stepchildren, and think about their future together. Some say they’re shocked by the husband’s lack of encouragement and worry the marriage could not survive.

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