A woman sneaks underneath the bed to spy on her husband.

A lady left a message expressing her disgust with her husband’s frequent tardiness, stating, “I’ve exceeded my limit and have departed from you…” “Don’t bother chasing me.”

The curiosity got the best of her, so she hid beneath the bed to see his response. Soon later, her husband got home, and she was able to hear him in the kitchen while entering the bedroom.

From her view position, she saw him approach the dresser and pick up the message. After a few minutes, he wrote something down on it and then made a phone call.

“She is finally gone…” Yeah, I know. It’s about time. I am on my way to see you. Put on that beautiful French nightgown. I adore you. I am excited to be with you. We’ll do whatever dirty things you enjoy.

He hung up, grabbed his keys, and departed. As she came from behind the covers, angry and crying, she snatched the note to read what he had written.

“I can clearly see your feet.” We are out of bread. “I will be back in just five seconds.”

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