A woman stole her daughter’s inheritance. Left by Grandmother, Karma Catches Up with Her a Couple of Years Later

A mother used her daughter’s money to covertly finance her opulent lifestyle. Even though she didn’t own a dime, she didn’t hesitate to deprive her child of her inheritance. Karma pays the elderly mother a visit years later.

A mother ignored the unfavorable effects that would eventually befall her when she believed she would easily get away with depriving her daughter of her due inheritance. A Redditor said that at the age of sixteen, she lost her grandma.

The grandmother was a dedicated businesswoman who operated an upholstery company for fifty years. As her time on earth was running out, she had to make some difficult choices on who should inherit her estate. The fortune was eventually divided, which led to a legacy conflict.

The mother of the original poster (OP) was the middle child. OP was well aware of the conflict between her mother and grandmother and made assumptions about her parents’ reactions to learning how much or how little she had inherited.

An ordinary portion would not do for her mother. She had lofty goals and desired a larger portion than the other family members. But OP’s grandma understood what had to be done and didn’t follow her wishes.

The grandmother, being a sensible woman, chose to distribute her possessions according to which kid and grandchild would gain the most over time. She didn’t let anybody, not even OP’s mother, have any effect on her during her deliberate process.

The grandmother was infatuated with ornaments, so when she passed away a few years ago, her will was made public, and OP’s mother inherited her late parents’ heritage jewelry. The delivery vehicle was obtained by OP’s brother from the elderly woman’s company. She assumed he needed a band because he was in one for touring.

Ultimately, with much consideration for OP’s future, OP’s grandma established a $30K school trust for her. The mother of the OP became enraged and attacked her, claiming that her college fund was worth more than the delivery vehicle and jewels.

The parent objected that it was unjust, but OP countered that her grandmother was entitled to divide her possessions any way she pleased. OP was unaware that her mother was plotting a sinister scheme while everyone else contented themselves with their fair portions.

What Kind of Plan Was the Mother of the OP Working On?
OP started her second semester in her freshman year of college two years later. She was able to pay for her tuition during this period thanks to a number of scholarships, and the funds in her trust were kept secure for her future needs.

When she became eighteen, she asked her mother if she could get access to her money so she could manage it on her own. Her mother shocked her by making a startling revelation, which OP said

“I was in complete shock and couldn’t believe she would just come clean about it.”

She informed her, obliquely, that the trust was worthless and that she would receive nothing. Startled, OP realized that her whole future was hanging in the balance. The Reddit member provided some context on how her mother came up with her cunning scheme.

OP is overjoyed to learn that her mother had to pay a high price for taking advantage of her fortune.
Her mother was a math professor, and she pushed her to pay for her class tuition. OP was a high school student at the time, and she enrolled in a few classes to prepare for college. She just had to pay $25 per credit hour for tuition since she was a faculty member’s kid.

This is where the scheme of her mother was implemented. The cunning parent took out the real invoices for every course that the other person enrolled in and stole the money out of her trust. Before OP received scholarships and enrolled in college, she spent all of the money.

The adolescent approached her mother after becoming frightened. When OP asked for her money back, her mother revealed the identity of the land she had purchased to construct her ideal home. She explained to OP how the house would ultimately help her.

Although the daughter was inconsolable, she lacked the funds to take her mother to court. OP was compelled to take all necessary precautions to shield herself from the egotistical parent.

What Actions Did OP Take To Deal With Her Mother’s Lie, And How Did The Parent Fare Out?
OP concluded it would be better to give up her mother and move out, with the exception of special occasions like holidays. She moved into her new apartment after getting a job. The Reddit member never turned around, leaving her parent to deal with the consequences of her actions.

After her mother constructed her “dream” five years later, OP was shattered. But when OP learned of her mother’s unexpected demise a few months later, she was overjoyed. It transpired that her mother had never filed taxes on the funds that she had embezzled from the trust.

She never paid property taxes on the home or the land. OP’s mother was compelled to sell her once-overestimated $700K house for a meager $220K settlement following a protracted court struggle. She owed an estimated $250K in total in construction and tax obligations even at that point.

When her mother realized she had no “dream house” and just $30K left over, she filed for bankruptcy. She paid off her bills over the following several years and moved into a modest apartment. After retiring, the Redditor’s parent had no funds and continued to blame everyone and everything for her sins.

OP was ecstatic and was shocked by the response she received after sharing her experience on social media. Reddit users flocked to the comment area to offer her encouragement and support.

One individual related how their grandma was moving in with their sibling, so their parents removed their trust money and handed it to his younger sister so she could purchase a property. The reader’s father forced their sister to take up a second mortgage so the parent could receive a loan, and the reader never graduated due to a lack of cash.

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