A woman stopped at Burger King, and an employee pushed the car.

Living with diabetes is something you have to get used to as soon as possible. This entails paying attention to your body and acting upon the cues it gives you on when to act quickly.

Rebecca Boening is one person who is extremely knowledgeable about this. She has been managing her diabetes for a while, so she is aware of the necessity to eat immediately when her blood sugar starts to fall.

She recently experienced that while traveling, so she got off the freeway and passed a nearby Burger King. She even stammered throughout the order, indicating that her blood sugar was dangerously low.

“As I fumbled through ordering, I told the speaker voice that I had diabetes and needed food,” the woman remarked. Thinking and acting are harder when blood sugar is low.

She was about to lower her window when she noticed someone running at her as she approached the window. “I was shocked to see Tina Hardy, a Burger King employee, running toward the front of my car,” the woman stated. She managed to get in between the building and the front of my automobile.

Boening said to ABC, “I genuinely didn’t know who she was or what she was doing at first. It took me a minute to figure it out.”

Tina Hardy was the Burger King employee who was sprinting toward her. She understood how important it was for Rebecca to get something to eat fast when her blood sugar was low, so she hurried over to see Rebecca. After finishing her ice cream, Rebecca left.

“I pulled up to Tina’s window and she gave me my lunch after I paid. I followed her instructions to park across the driveway so she could watch over me while I recovered. I waited for a lull in business after eating so I could go back to Tina’s window. After that, I snapped this photo and told Tina’s boss what she had done for me. Please share this story if you admire what this unique woman accomplished.

Upon her social media post, it quickly gained viral popularity, receiving thousands of reactions and shares. It’s astounding that Tina, who had only been employed there for six months, was unaware that her departure from the building would result in her termination.

To be honest, the world needs more people who are like this.

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