A woman wants her daughter’s return after her infertile sister adopted the child years ago.

A lady who adopted her niece from her sister—who didn’t think she could raise a kid—is taken aback to find out that her sister wants the child returned because of changes in her own life.

A 36-year-old lady used social media two years ago to inquire as to whether she was reacting irrationally when her sister expressed her want to reclaim the kid she had placed for adoption.

The lady said that when she was eighteen, her sister, whom she nicknamed “N,” had a one-night fling and became pregnant without knowing the father. N decided to place the kid for adoption since she didn’t think she could provide for it.

Due to her infertility, the original poster (OP) decided to formally adopt her sister’s kid to complete her family. N had not spoken to anyone since giving birth and handing the tiny child over to her sister.

Why Did the Mother Desire Her Child’s Return?

The birth father got in touch with the young girl, whom OP referred to as “V,” after she was two years old, verifying that N had admitted to giving birth to their kid at a nightclub while intoxicated. OP didn’t think twice about allowing V to get to know her biological father and start a relationship.

V’s biological father, “T,” and OP married soon after they got to know each other and realized they had a worthwhile connection. They had been married for seven years when the original poster made this post. But when N phoned OP one day with an odd request, she threw a wrench in the works.

OP asked N what she planned to do after learning that she had married but that her spouse was unable to have children and advised adoption. However, she was unprepared for what her sister had in mind. OP mentioned:

“She stated that all she would need is her baby back.”

After being rendered speechless, OP composed herself to remark that although N was welcome to meet V as an aunt and they could share V’s birth story, OP had officially adopted the young girl, thus there was no way N was going to take her back.

OP informed N that while she was ready to offer V an explanation, she could not part with the kid that she and T had nurtured. “She said she’ll sue me because she’s the birth mother,” the person stated next.

How Did V’s Father Say?

N grew enraged and accused OP of taking her life as OP continued to explain that she was hesitant to give up her kid and that she had met and married T. OP acknowledged:

“I got too worked up and ended the call.”

T was incensed to learn that N would want them to give up the daughter they had raised together after she was given up at birth when OP informed him what had transpired.

Furthermore, OP’s parents called her shortly after, accusing her of being conceited and showing off her life. They also said that OP had prevented N from seeing V.

When OP’s parents objected to her telling her sister that she was welcome to meet V as an aunt, OP informed them so. OP said that she felt horrible for her sister since they had formerly been close and she was aware of their reproductive issues.

T informed OP and N that there was no chance for N to regain full custody of V. OP accepted this, but she looked to social media users to see if T had been overly critical of her sister during the phone call.

Many others informed the woman she was not unreasonable and that her sister was at fault, despite the opinion of others that the matter should be resolved inside the family.

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