After Hurricane Otis, a cop breastfeeds a starving baby and then gets promoted.

When you’re a cop, you never know what you’re going to get into from one day to the next. Things may go along smoothly one day, and then you find yourself in an unusual circumstance you could not have predicted.

Arizbeth Ambrosio is a police officer who recognizes the necessity to assist others while on the job. She was assisting with humanitarian operations after Hurricane Otis destroyed the Acapulco region. She was originally from Mexico City, but she was sent to Acapulco.

A troubled woman approached the officer on the street with a baby in her arms. She stated that her son had not eaten in 48 hours and that she was concerned.

Ambrosio is also a mom, and she offered to breastfeed the baby while sitting on the stairs of a nearby shop.

In accordance to the Secretariat of Citizen Security in Mexico City, “after a few minutes, and seeing that the minor was satisfied, the citizen thanked the policewoman for her assistance and compassion.”

“For her vocation of service to citizens and for raising the name of Polica Ciudad de México, my coworker Arizbeth Dionisio Ambrosio from the #Zorros Group, who protected the life of a baby in #Acapulco, was encouraged,” said the overseer for the Secretariat of Citizen Security. Her work exemplifies #humanism for all.”

People worldwide who witnessed what she was prepared to accomplish could not stop talking about it. They were also overjoyed since she was able to earn a promotion, and it was well deserved.

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