Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming shares a devastating video of him following his dementia diagnosis.

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis have been married for more than ten years. Even though the famous person has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, Heming is honoring her vow to marry in good health.

But she can’t help but go back on some of her favorite recollections of Bruce from his earlier years of health.

Emma Heming carried on after discovering that her hubby suffered from frontotemporal dementia. The former model is working with dementia specialists to make sure her husband receives the best care possible.

She just posted a picture of herself on Instagram with Teepa Snow, a supporter of families learning how to deal with dementia. Heming observed that by teaching her new skills, Snow is adding additional items to her “dementia care toolbox.”

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The daughter of Bruce Willis wrote a moving piece on her father’s deteriorating health.

It is clear that Heming is dedicated to providing her husband with the finest care possible. However, she only discovered Instagram’s newest feature this past week. The memories feature on Instagram shows all of the photos and videos you’ve previously uploaded to the app. A reminder of the compliments she had shared about Heming on Twitter a year prior was also displayed to her.

“What’s this new Memory thingy on IG!?,” she said in the new caption she added when she published the video. My biggest fan, oh my god. I’m smitten with him.

Bruce appears to be “passionate” about his wife’s skincare brand, Cocobaba, in the video. It’s clear that Heming could be thinking back to a period when Willis was doing better than he is at the moment.

Images of the star consuming coffee while out and about in Los Angeles have been circulating recently. Since being diagnosed with aphasia, Willis has kept a low profile, so this sighting of him is remarkable.

The Bruce family has been incredibly candid and honest about his condition and diagnosis. They earlier disclosed the action star’s health condition in an Instagram post. In a letter to the editor, Bruce’s daughter Rumer Willis wrote, “Our family wanted to start by expressing our deepest gratitude for the incredible outpouring of love, support, and wonderful stories we have all received since sharing Bruce’s original diagnosis.”

“In the spirit of that, since we now have a better understanding of what he is going through, we wanted to give you an update about our beloved husband, father, and friend,” she said.

“After announcing Bruce’s aphasia diagnosis in the spring of 2022, his health has worsened, leading to the more precise diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, or FTD.”

She said that even though it was uncomfortable, they were grateful that Willis had finally received the correct diagnosis.

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