Customers are angry and confused after asking for a tip at the self-service checkout.

Many things tend to incite people, but tipping is one that, for the most part, actually matters. Few people will agree on the matter; some individuals will despise it and some won’t mind.

These days, when it seems like tipping has skyrocketed, this is especially problematic. Tipping is customary in the United States for services rendered, and occasionally, gratuity is added on top of gratuity. There is something called “tip fatigue.”

The self-checkout counter is one location where this has been observed lately. You are probably familiar with this register because you check yourself instead of having someone else do it for you.

Although it would seem that a self-checkout line wouldn’t even require a tip, a self-checkout system in the US is currently accepting tips.

The request to tip at a self-service line appears to be confusing a lot of people. It so occurred that the San Diego Petco Park asked for a tip once you checked out.

The guy they spoke with claimed to be perplexed as he had no idea to whom he was leaving a tip, yet he still managed to provide 20%. Some, on the other hand, claim they are being called emotional blackmailers and that they are not going to tip after doing everything themselves.

The store representative claims that the staff members split up the tips received at the self-checkout counter.

Tipping is traditional in the United States and is considered more than just a polite gesture for individuals who work in the service industry. While some restaurants require the waiter or bartender to place their tip in a pot to be divided among the staff, others let them keep it all for themselves.

I don’t know how you feel about it, but there is definitely discussion to be had on this.

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