A young girl was shocked to learn that her father and his fiancée had decided not to include her in their wedding. She felt compelled to discover the truth since the reasons for their unexpected choice remained a fascinating mystery.

An anonymous young girl shared her story on Reddit’s “AITA” community on August 15, 2023. Even though she felt a closer bond with her mother, at the age of 18, she had always been rather close to her dad. Three or four times a week was how often they got together.

Her dad began seeing a woman named “Anna” a few years ago, and they always got along wonderfully well. Anna was quite happy when her father eventually asked her to marry him because it showed up like ideal stepmother.

But a few weeks prior to the nuptials, the young girl had already spent money on everything she would need for the occasion, including her dress and shoes, when her father and Anna came up to talk to her about something significant.

Feeling conflicted and in need of some perspective, the girl talked to her friends about the matter. A few of them advised her to let it go, implying that she might have been at fault for her behavior.

The young girl had known her father for as long as she could remember, so when he and her future stepmother abruptly felt the need to “talk,” she was taken aback.

What took place?

The girl recognized that Anna and her father had made an unplanned decision to have a child-free wedding, especially because the girl had little children. But as it turned out, they understood “child-free” to imply excluding anyone younger than eighteen, which included her.

Since the girl’s eighteenth birthday fell just two days after the wedding, the circumstance affected her deeply. Even though she lived close by, she was still not allowed to attend the wedding. Knowing that in a few days she would become an official adult was a tough pill to take.

The 12th of August saw the wedding; two days later, she turned eighteen. She didn’t speak to either Anna or her father throughout this period, who informed her that she wasn’t old enough to go. She was so frustrated that her mother took her on a birthday vacation. She celebrated her birthday by posting photos to Facebook and writing, “[Finally], an adult.”

The child was appreciative that, because she wasn’t yet eighteen, her father and Anna had not invited her to their wedding. However, the adolescent claimed to feel more confident and adult after sharing her birthday photos on social media.

Friends and family expressed their displeasure on her behalf and questioned her dad and Anna’s decision in response to the post, which set off a chain reaction of comments. The kid received a flurry of texts from her dad and Anna in response to the outcry, labeling her a selfish brat and immature. They maintained that her behavior simply served to highlight her immaturity and supported their choice to reject her.

Feeling conflicted and in need of some perspective, the girl talked to her friends about the matter. A few of them advised her to let it go, implying that she might have been at fault for her behavior.

The girl then resorted to the Reddit community to get feedback on whether or not she was correct to publicly voice her feelings and acknowledging her 18th birthday in spite of not being allowed to attend her father’s and Anna’s wedding.

What Are People’s Opinions?

Redditors responded to the teen’s Reddit post in a massive way, with the majority of them expressing support for her. A commenter expressed the opinion that the adolescent was not at fault, pointing out that it is not common for a father to not have his own child present at his wedding.

They went on to say that since her dad and Anna made this decision, they shouldn’t be against it being made public. Moreover, they made the point that disclosing the cause of her absence may protect her reputation, since some people would have concluded it was due to rejection or a desire for a vacation.

A different commentator expressed a similar viewpoint, highlighting the fact that the choice to remove the decision to omit the groom’s 17-year-old daughter, who was born into a purportedly child-free marriage, from both the wedding and their life was made on purpose.

A Reddit member who agreed with the attitude expressed in a second message said that the regulation was absurd and appeared to be specifically intended to exclude the adolescent. They advised her to share her newfound understanding of her father’s priorities, pointing out that he seemed to put his new bride’s wishes before of their relationship.

They also encouraged her to take preventative measures to shield herself from painful circumstances in the future, acknowledging that this may be the first of many times her dad and Anna may make fun of and exclude her.

Do you believe the girl had good reason to handle the issue the way she did? If you were in her shoes, how would you handle things differently?

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