Dad notices daughter stays in the school bus longer than other kids and becomes suspicious.

Worried about his daughter Emily’s sudden tardiness, Ben phoned her teacher, Mrs. Flynn. After explaining that everything was OK at home, Ben questioned Mrs. Flynn about any problems. She recounted seeing Emily get off the bus late one day, implying that the bus driver could have some information.

The next day, Ben quietly followed Emily as she boarded the bus. Confirming Mrs. Flynn’s view, he saw Emily alone on the bus, engaged in a book. Emily, startled by her father’s abrupt entrance, said, “Dad!” Oh, I’ve lost track of time. I was so absorbed this book that I didn’t notice everyone had already departed.”

Ben grinned, relieved that the situation was straightforward, and continued, “Well, we can’t have you skipping class. Let’s get underway. Walking to school, Ben admired Emily’s passion of reading and realized that the simplest answers may solve the most perplexing problems.

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