Dad uses drastic measures to teach his daughter a lesson.

Recently, a worried parent turned to Reddit for guidance on how to deal with his daughter, 16, and her increasingly negative attitude. Her behavior had changed significantly when she began hanging out with a new group of friends at school, something he and his wife had noticed. Their once-polite daughter had become an ungrateful adolescent who made disparaging remarks about others and their possessions.

Concerned about their daughter’s detrimental impact on others, the father made multiple unsuccessful attempts to talk to her about her behavior. When their daughter started making fun of their housemaid and insulting her, things got out of hand. When the housemaid’s tolerance was reached, she complained about the teenager’s actions with her employers.

The worried father forewarned his daughter that punishment she wouldn’t want would come from one more wrongdoing against their housemaid. However, the daughter persisted in acting disrespectfully, which resulted in her being grounded and prohibited from going to parties. She subsequently went to her father, telling him that she couldn’t find her phone, and then, in an unexpected turn of events, the phone rang from the housemaid’s purse.

When presented with indisputable proof, the daughter lost her words. The housekeeper received an apology from the father, who also offered her the day off and showed his daughter the footage. He conveyed his displeasure with her actions, emphasizing how wrong it was to interfere with someone’s livelihood for the sake of a small party.

The father ran out of other things to discipline his daughter for and chose to teach her a lesson by having her sleep in the backyard. He refused to give in to her cries, telling her that shouting names and accusing others of stealing were unacceptable. This was meant to be a lesson in respect and empathy for her.

Opinions differed when the father posted his story on the internet. Some thought his daughter needed to learn a lesson and applauded him for adopting a firm position. Other people offered substitute penalties, like cleaning the house or taking away her phone. The father clarified, though, that he had already tried these strategies and they were ineffective.

Though views on the harshness of the penalty varied, most people thought the daughter should be held accountable for her crimes. Others offered community work as a method for her to gain responsibility, while still others suggested selling her phone and sending the proceeds to the housemaid. Some thought she would need to be grounded for an extended period to protect her from her harmful influences.

Despite the differing viewpoints, one thing was evident: the father’s actions were motivated by a desire to discipline his daughter and impart valuable life lessons to her. It is unclear if this extreme step will change her attitude and how she treats other people in the long run.

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