Despite her objections, a father forces his 16-year-old daughter to sleep in the backyard as punishment.

HallNum032, a Reddit member, turned to the community for guidance when he was unable to cope with his daughter, 16,’s increasingly negative demeanor.

When she started hanging out with a different group of friends at school, he noticed a difference in her behavior. The father was the first to acknowledge that his daughter had once been courteous.

He and his spouse surmised that she started adopting the attitudes of her new friends, who were perceived as being cruel, and eventually, they had enough.

The kind, soft-spoken young lady they had known was no longer their daughter. She began making disparaging remarks about other people’s appearances and possessions and using derogatory language.

The worried father took his daughter aside many times to talk about her misbehavior because he was worried about how his daughter was developing. He even acknowledged that her attitude had a detrimental effect on others around her.

Their housemaid was one individual whose life was continuously impacted by his daughter’s actions. The guy said, “My daughter has picked her as her target for criticism on her hair, clothing, and “etiquette.”

Their housekeeper complained to her supervisors about their daughter calling her derogatory names until she could take it no more. Even after their aide cleaned the dirtiest parts of their house, she would refer to them as “filthy” and “gross.”

The way his daughter was acting made the father feel humiliated. He stood up and threatened to punish her if they committed one more offense against their housemaid, something she would not want to happen.

A few days later, she went to her father and said that, after looking everywhere, she couldn’t find her phone.

After such a strong warning, he assumed she would finally listen to him. But when his daughter persisted in calling their assistant “filthy,” the 16-year-old was grounded. The adolescent lost his cool and started calling the housemaid a liar.

She was supposed to attend a party that day, but her father forbade her from going because of what she had done. She was furious and held the housemaid responsible for her inability to leave the house.

A few days later, she went to her father and said that, after looking everywhere, she couldn’t find her phone. The girl begged her father to give her a call, and he obliged. To his and his wife’s amazement, the housemaid’s luggage included a phone.

He went straight to their housemaid and she angrily denied any involvement, sobbing that she had never touched the phone and had no idea how it ended up in her bag. The daughter continued to refer to their housemaid as a “thief” during that period.

The father motioned for his daughter to get in her room. The junior in high school had no idea that her father would become suspicious of her for her actions and would take steps to try to find out the truth.

What Were the Consequences of the Redditor’s Discovery of the True “Thief”?

Before determining what to do, HallNum032 looked at their security video. What he saw astounded him. Witnessing his daughter place the phone into their housemaid’s bag, the dad watched. The father was enraged with his daughter for deceiving the blameless lady.

He apologized to their housemaid and gave her the rest of the day off before facing his daughter. When he played the video for his daughter, she lost all words. The Redditor decided to speak for himself, remembering:

“I said that interfering with that poor woman’s livelihood for a trivial party she couldn’t attend was immoral and downright offensive.”

The guy had run out of things to chastise his daughter with by this time. Since she was afraid of germs, he decided to force her to sleep in their backyard, believing that it would serve as a lesson for her.

He refused to give up even though his daughter screamed and pleaded with him not to force her to sleep in the mud, threatening to make her stay two nights if she didn’t comply. The man’s spouse advised him to be gentle with their daughter.

He refused to back down, stating that calling people names and accusing them of stealing was wrong and that their daughter needed to learn a lesson. HallNum032 posted his narrative online to determine the morality of his actions.

How Was the Redditor’s Story Received by Others?

The dad was told that there was one method to teach his daughter a lesson, and that was all that was needed. Others, on the other hand, questioned why he didn’t select a different penalty, such as making her clean the house or taking away her phone.

He acknowledged that he had previously given them all a try. His daughter ended up going to the ER for low blood pressure after purposefully stopping food for days to avoid being punished for doing housework. While one person believed the parent was correct, another said he ought to have offered their assistant a paid week off.

The man’s daughter ought to have taken her position instead, working for free. Another reader felt that the father was correct in punishing his daughter with a “hard” consequence that would make her face reality and that he ought to have had her serve as the housekeeper for two weeks. Another reader said:

“The crime doesn’t warrant the punishment.”

A Redditor said that selling the child’s phone and giving the proceeds to their assistant would have been a more fitting punishment. In addition, they believed that the daughter’s punishment should consist of housework, community service, or duties.

Someone who disagreed with the parent’s method of disciplining his daughter felt that it wasn’t appropriate for the offense. Rather, they thought the child’s phone was meant to be taken away for a year and a half of grounding during which she performed the assistant’s duties.

If she needs a phone, get her a Nokia brick so she can stay in touch.

During such a period, the assistant would be placed on paid vacation. In addition, the social media user thought the adolescent should be grounded for an additional month to protect her from her bad pals. The reader also thought the girl was being “manipulative” since she was stopping her food to avoid doing the housework.

They believed that HallNum032 ought to have let the girl starve herself and stopped when she saw that the intended outcome wasn’t being achieved. The parent was instructed to threaten to have the adolescent admitted to the hospital for anorexia if she insisted.

While others disagreed with the father’s actions, they thought that the penalty would not cause his daughter’s conduct to magically change. They believed that the child’s lying, blaming, and treating their aid like a “subpar being” were signs of more serious problems.

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