Even after being pointed out, some people still can’t find it. Check the comments.

You should wait to see the snow leopard in this picture if you thought your camouflage outfit was effective at keeping you hidden.

This leopard is nearly undetectable even though it isn’t wearing a camouflage jacket and there aren’t any baseball caps, sunglasses, or strategically placed newspapers to be seen.

If they can find it, that is, all those cunning movie characters hoping to eavesdrop on someone could pick up a few tips from the animal.

The picture shows a rocky terrain with some snow still clinging to the surface, and the snap shows the remarkably well-hidden monster lying there.

If you’ve ever seen a leopard, you know that they have black spots all over their orangey-brown bodies. But what color is a snow leopard, anyway?

Because of its name, you would presumably presume it is white, which could make you think the creature is concealed in the snow in the picture.

Nevertheless, many of the animals still have faint brown striations throughout their coats, even though they are usually lighter in color than conventional leopards.

I probably don’t need to explain that this works quite well as camouflage in a setting with snow and light brown rock.

After being posted on Reddit, the image has now become a challenge for internet users, with the author asking viewers to “Spot the snow leopard and the time it took u [sic] to spot.”

It appears that some individuals are still hunting for the post, which was made six months ago.

Many Reddit users have begged other users for assistance as they express their extreme irritation at not being able to locate the leopard.

One frantic person commented, “I am blind. Someone help me.” Another person posted, “Hour 4, still searching.”

A few Reddit users even began to question if the picture contained a leopard at all, as though it was all part of a clever prank in which a growing number of sly individuals were playing along.

“I wondered at one point if there was even one in this picture.” One individual wrote, perplexed.

But I promise you, there is a leopard in the photo—I was even able to locate it.

The monster is visible to the left of the image, just off-center. It’s visible directly beneath the sizable snowdrift, eyes fixed on the camera.

Is it visible to you?

Avoid being overly arrogant, even if you can. That is one cunning leopard—I located it once, then lost it again very rapidly.

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