Everything you need to know about Tonsil Stones, the strange growths that seem like pimples in your throat.

YouTube is flooded with footage of disgusting medical procedures these days. Whether it’s bursting pimples, draining cysts, removing earwax, cracking the back, or scraping calluses off the feet, chances are that millions of people would like to see it on film.

There’s no exception when it comes to extracting tonsil stones, which are small, pebble-like growths that can be removed from the tonsils. It feels somewhat similar to popping a pimple but inside the throat. It’s also satisfying to watch it unfold on tape.

First, just to give the laypersons a simple explanation: According to the Mayo Clinic, your tonsils are a component of your immune system. They aid in the defense against infections by producing white blood cells and antibodies. However, they also include tonsillar crypts, which are eerie-sounding cavities. Some people have crypts that are so deep that food particles or mucus can become lodged there.

This is a quick, sweet, and direct tonsil stone pop. Understandably, it has received over 15 million views.

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