Her brother wants to be her father, but his spouse says no.

Life may be erratic. The truth is that we never know what lies around the corner or what difficulties are ahead.

We do know that regardless of how difficult or difficult a decision may be, we are frequently obliged to make it.

A man told the story of how, after their parents passed away, he wanted to adopt his little sister, but it strained his marriage to his wife.

Either his sister or his wife was involved. Read the text below to find out how he handled the circumstance and the choice she made.

For the past two years, my wife [28f] and I [28M] have been wed. Our intention is not to have children at this time. My younger sister is [11f]. I am not so much a brother as I am another father because of the age difference.

Pancreatic cancer claimed my father’s life. My sister has two options: either my uncle [my dad’s brother] takes her in, or I do. She picked me up when we asked her who she wanted. The issue is that my wife does not want to adopt my sister, even though my uncle can, since my wife and I decided we did not want children.

“However, since my sister is now parentless, I want to make sure she can heal and stay healthy. I won’t make her stay with our uncle against her will.” My wife and I are having a lot of conflict over this. Eventually, I told her that I was taking this on whether or not she agreed and that she could either accept it or we would file for divorce. Since then, we have not spoken. What steps may I take in this situation?

“I spoke with my spouse once more. She declined again because she is against having children. Thus, we essentially decided to part ways. You truly are choosing your sister above me, she said. I told her that although I didn’t want to bring up the topic again, it was okay if that was what you wanted to hear. Yes, my sister now comes first; I would rather prioritize her above you.

“We had our last talk today. It has been a week since I moved in with my sister. It’s difficult to be a brother who is somewhat of a father, but I truly love it.

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