Her father had a feud with his brother, so when she invited him to her wedding, her father refused to pay for it.

After his daughter invited his brother, with whom he was at odds, to the wedding, a guy announced on Reddit that he had changed his mind and would not be paying for the wedding. He then asked Reddit users for suggestions.

He had communicated his experience and the problem he was having with his brother. “Me at 46, my brother at 48. My ex-girlfriend cheated on me with my brother when I was twenty. I was angry and devastated. He is no longer my brother, I informed him. My family didn’t cut him off despite my request, so I informed them I would never be in the same area as him ever again. I am the one who gives the most, so if they want to invite both, they should simply invite him.

Then she stated her brother was going to get an invitation, according to what her daughter had informed him.

“My daughter will wed in the spring of the following year. In our culture, the wedding expenses are split 50/50 between the parents. My daughter unexpectedly sat me down and informed me that my brother and his family (whom I believe cheated on me) would be attending. She reportedly began dating them four years ago and developed a connection behind my back. She even desires for her cousin to have a flower girl-like role.

The father then said that he would not be attending the part of the wedding that he was expected to.

“I was furious. I let her know my limits and that I wouldn’t be covering my share of the wedding expenses if my brother was invited. She told me it was time to move on from the past when she became upset. She shouldn’t make this call, I warned her. After a further argument, she informed me that I was making her wedding about me. I informed her that because I probably won’t be there, it would be all about her. She sobbed as she walked away.

Then they all gave him the finger and referred to him as an asshole.

My ex-wife informed me over the phone that our daughter was devastated and that I was an enormous AH. My folks called again, the same thing. I’m not answering their calls now that I reprimanded them. My GF advised me to apologize and think again. that I would sour our relationship if I didn’t pay and show up. I’m not sure. I believe that others ought to honor my limits. Am I a jerk for it?

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