Her husband cheated on her with her sister and then tried to contact her six years later after she had started a new life with her new husband.

A user named u/expensive_concept152 posted her horrific experience on the r/TrueOffMyChest forum on Reddit. She stated how her 19-year-old sister was the reason her ex-husband left the couple.

The ex-husband attempted to get in touch with her via email after six years had passed, but she had moved on and started a new life without that awful man.

The original poster (OP) had mentioned that she was celebrating her 18th birthday at a restaurant 15 years ago when she met her ex-husband, Dan. He was kind, pleasant, and mature, according to her description. He gave me a sense of specialness and affection.

She said how her parents’ relationship was unhealthy and that they were in constant conflict. Her father occasionally disappeared for months at a time. He died with the birth of her sister, Abby.

Because her mother was more receptive to her sister’s demands and felt that something was lacking in the way she was treating OP, OP said that her mother was more fond of her sister, Abby.

The OP thought she was complete when she spoke with Dan. She had discovered the one with whom she would die. He was loving, kind, and encouraging. After dating for four years, they were married. OP clarified that Dan had assisted her in completing her master’s degree and advancing her professional career in business.

Dan suggested that they wait until they are financially secure because she expressed a desire to have children. OP discovered that Dan was having an extramarital affair with her sister, Abby, after five years of marriage.

After he informed her that he had to leave town for a business conference and have sex with her sister Abby, she found out that he was staying at a hotel in the city.

OP expressed her devastation. She was devoted to both her spouse and her sister. She had addressed her spouse, inquiring as to how he could have an affair with her sister, who is 19 years old.

Dan said that because she doesn’t give him the attention he desires, he no longer loves her. He said that she had changed from the girl she once adored.

Sadly, she discovered she was expecting around that time. She miscarried because of the stress and worry she was experiencing. OP said that because Dan was on vacation with her sister, he didn’t even visit her after she lost their child.

OP said that occasionally, they would just gaze at one other because her sister was constantly being tactile with her husband. She claimed that she ought to have been aware. Additionally, her mother advised OP to quit it and backed Abby.

OP was suicidal since she was alone and had lost both her spouse and child in a short amount of time. Tina, her friend, assisted her in moving to another state by taking her.

She met new individuals after moving to a new state, including her spouse Tony. She met with him a year after she had moved. She clarified that she loves him and that he is a decent man who can be trusted.

Because she married Tony a year after they first met, she is also expecting Tony’s kid. She went on to say that she discovered Dan had sent her an email. When she noticed the mail, she became upset once more.

Dan had said he missed her and had looked for her but couldn’t find her. He was expressing regret for deceiving her by using her sister. said that Abby had deceived him by using his cousin. Dan expressed his devastation and that he would be divorcing Abby because he wanted to go back to the OP.

OP clarified that she solely uses her own Instagram account, which is her only social media platform. Therefore, Dan’s assumption that she is single is reasonable. She said she is waiting for the birth of her child and is in a loving relationship with her husband, therefore she has no plans to alter anything in her life.

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