Children are the greatest source of laughter in our lives. Their naive and humorous comments often make us grin. Consider this endearing tale of Johnny, a four-year-old kid, and his unplanned 911 call.

As guardians, we instruct our kids to call 911 in an emergency. We hope that when it counts, they will keep in mind this important lesson. Kids do occasionally phone 911 for reasons that would not be considered emergencies, though.

For Johnny, his arithmetic assignment constituted an emergency. You did read correctly! This little child was having trouble understanding subtraction, so he called 911. It was an actual emergency for him, and he required assistance ASAP.

The operator’s reaction adds even more sweetness to this tale. Johnny called the operator with concerns about his schoolwork, but the operator was courteous and patient, even helping him solve the subtraction issue, rather than berating him. The operator saw that this was a significant problem that needed to be fixed in Johnny’s environment.

Johnny’s mother questioned him about who he was talking to when she stepped in during their discussion. Johnny stated, rather innocently, that he had contacted the police because it was what his mother had taught him to do in an emergency. His mother swiftly explained that getting homework assistance didn’t require contacting the authorities after learning what her kid had done. And thus the call came to an end.

These kinds of events serve as a reminder of the purity and creativity of young children. Johnny’s tale makes us laugh and serves as a gentle reminder to treasure the amusing and surprising moments that our children bring into our lives.

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