His girlfriend received more than she expected when he sent her a personal gift.

We enjoy doing pleasant things for the people we are dating from time to time. We put in a bit more work when we are dating, but it may continue until they eventually become our husband or wife.

That’s what the joke that follows is about. A man bought his girlfriend a pair of gloves and with a lovely message that should have adequately explained the presents.

The issue was that things didn’t proceed as planned because of wires that crossed at one point. Ultimately, it was a funny accident that they would likely continue to laugh about for years to come.

The young man wanted to get his lover an expensive pair of gloves for her birthday.

He went to a fancy store, selected the best gloves he could find, and requested the salesperson to send them with a handwritten letter.

Regretfully, while wrapping the item, the cashier confused the order. The cashier mistakenly wrapped a pair of underwear instead of the pricey gloves and sent them to the young man’s lover along with the message he had written.

Sweetheart: I’ve been frantically trying to think of something unique to give you for your birthday. You don’t usually wear any when we go out in the evening, so that’s why I selected them.

Though your sister wears the shorter ones, which are so much easier to take off, I wanted to purchase you the same type even though I would have preferred the longer ones with buttons.

Though the saleswoman showed me a pair that she had worn for three weeks, they were rarely dirty, allaying your worries about the delicate tint. She informed me that there are a few crucial care points I should bring up with you.

They may naturally be a bit moist from wearing, so remember to blow in them when you take them off before putting them away. Secondly, to prevent them from shrinking, make sure you leave them on when cleaning.

I had the saleslady try them on for me since I was so impressed with her. She looked amazing in them, and I have no doubt that you will look even better in them.

In order for you to receive things in time for your birthday, I choose to ship these. I wanted to be there to see you put them on for the first time, so I really hesitated.

Before I see you again, I’m very sure a lot of other hands will have touched them. I can’t wait to caress them with my own hands or give them a tender kiss, just like the French do. I’m hoping you’ll wear these for me on Friday night since I truly like them.

P.S. – Wearing them folded down with a little fur visible is the newest fashion.

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