How a recently acquired dog saved a newborn baby.

Every parent worries for their kids in the same way. Their goal is to always ensure their safety and well-being.

The Robinson family had the same sentiments and wanted to provide the safest possible environment for their infant to sleep in. When Mrs. Robinson was expecting her second child, they planned and made all the necessary preparations.

They were delighted to welcome their son home after his birth. But they also had a strong affection for animals, and they desired to add a new dog to the family.

Their desire to bring the puppy in before the new baby came at home presented a challenge. They went to an animal shelter with their 6-year-old kid in tow. They wanted a dog that would be a buddy to the kids and grow up with them.

They heard many tales about the struggles the animals had faced before they were brought to the shelter when they first arrived. But as they were heading out, they came across 4-year-old pitbull Benson.

Benson stood with his tail tucked between his legs, shy as he was. It appeared as though he had completely lost faith in people.

They were informed by the shelter that Benson had been a fighting dog and had been left on the streets. He was discovered by volunteers, who then took him to the shelter. After being adopted by a different couple, they gave him back since he was violent.

Benson’s return home with the Robinsons was not recommended by the shelter, but they persisted. They spent hours training Benson, building a relationship with him, and teaching him how to walk on a leash.

They take the new baby home and acquaint Benson with it once it arrives. They knew a bond was developing there also since the pit bull licked and sniffed the baby’s face.

But at one point, Benson started barking and tried to get in by biting the crib’s bars. When the family picked up the infant, they discovered he wasn’t breathing, which alarmed them and made them fear that Benson might hurt the child.

Thankfully, the baby was able to be revived by the hospital’s medical staff. They informed the Robinsons that a fatal consequence would have occurred if the infant had not been brought to the hospital.

Heroes come in many different sizes and shapes, but this one is a beloved member of the family and has four legs and a tail.

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