How frequently should you clean your bra? THE ANSWER MAY SHOCK YOU.

Influencer Laura Henshaw made a startling admission about how frequently she washes her bra in a recent episode of their podcast. Her co-host and the internet were split on the subject when she revealed that she only washed it once a month. The question of how often and why women should wash their bras has come up as a result of this revelation.

The Bra Washing Debate

How Frequently Should Your Bra Be Washed?

There is no easy answer to the topic of how often to wash bras. It relies on a number of variables, including lifestyle choices, personal preferences, and the kind of bra being worn. If we’re all being really honest, most of us have at least one favorite bra that we want to wear all the time but don’t wash as often as it should. But according to experts, bras should be cleaned every two to four wears. Let’s examine the rationale behind the suggested frequency.

#1. Personal cleanliness

Bras can collect perspiration, oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria since they are in close contact with the skin. Regularly washing bras helps keep hygiene standards up to date by getting rid of these accumulated materials.

#2. Odor management

When perspiration and bacteria accumulate in a bra, it can develop an unpleasant odor after being worn repeatedly without being washed. Your bras will smell better and be free of these smells if you wash them often.

#3. Skin conditions

Not washing your bra frequently can irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. An itchy, red, or even infected bra can result from the buildup of dirt and bacteria on it. Washing your skin frequently helps to keep it healthy and prevent these skin problems.


Regularly washing bras can help them last longer. Over time, the buildup of oils, sweat, and grime deteriorates the bra’s suppleness and fabric. The shape and functioning of the bra can be maintained with proper cleaning and care, extending its lifespan.

#5. Coziness

It is far more comfortable to wear a brand-new bra than one that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. Better support, breathability, and general comfort are all provided by clean bras.

Overall Suggestions

Although it’s generally advised to wash bras after two to four wears, it’s vital to take into account individual circumstances that can call for more frequent washing. For instance, you might need to wash your bras more frequently if you have a medical condition that generates excessive perspiration or if you participate in activities that cause you to perspire a lot.

It’s also crucial to remember that various bra kinds could need varied maintenance. It might be necessary to hand wash delicate, lacy bras or toss them in a lingerie bag to preserve the fabric while you wash them. Likewise, it can be necessary to wash sports bras—which are usually worn during intense physical activity—after every usage in order to get rid of perspiration and odor.

The Final Word

Influencer Laura Henshaw’s revelation that she only washes her bras once a month stunned people, but it’s important to put personal hygiene first and take good care of our underwear. Although it’s a good idea to wash bras every two to four wears, unique situations and tastes should also be taken into account. Frequent washing ensures comfort and confidence by preserving skin health, controlling odor, maintaining hygiene, and extending the life of bras.

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