A six-month-pregnant woman urged her husband to help her prepare for their baby’s safety by being more present. She was astonished to hear what her husband said next.

After her spouse had been away from home for most of her pregnancy, a Reddit member questioned if she was being unfair in giving him an ultimatum. She quickly realized how bad things were for her.

The woman explained, saying that she had been seeing her spouse for five years and had only been married for six months. When she asked other Reddit members for guidance, she was also six months pregnant.

The woman said, “My husband is a complete momma boy,” revealing that he had an exceptionally tight relationship with his mother. He spends more time with his mother than with me; he will speak to her on the phone for hours at a time. But the incident that ultimately prompted her to write on Reddit was the last straw for her.

What Was the Situation Between the Husband and the Woman?

When the woman’s pregnancy entered its sixth month, she asked her husband if he could spend more time with her and help her get ready for their upcoming baby.

Her husband informed her that he would have less time to spend with his mother if he was there for her more. The husband said, “I understand that concept,” to which the wife added that at that moment, she needed him more than his mother did.

“My mother comes before you, you know that.”

Although the woman was horrified by her husband’s remarks, she accepted them when he departed to see his mother. After that, she took care of everything on her own.

Her mother-in-law called her to let her know she had won when she was by herself getting ready for her baby. Worse, the woman could hear her husband chuckling in the background while the mother-in-law boasted about her victory. She was furious, but she carried on with her daily activities.

When the couple’s anniversary rolled around a few weeks later, the wife got him a gift and made his favorite dinner for the occasion, but her husband had other ideas on how to spend his time.

Her husband came back from work and departed again while she was in the restroom. She called her husband to find out where he was after 30 minutes since she felt he could be preparing a surprise for her.

She informed her husband that since he was acting as though he was in a relationship with her, his mother could as well be the one bearing his kid, even though the husband had acknowledged that he was at her home. After hanging up, she received texts from her mother-in-law and husband encouraging her to find something else to do with her time and not to treat her mother-in-law disrespectfully. Looking to see if she was in the wrong, she went to Reddit members for advice.

What Were People Saying?

The woman updated her tale shortly after it was posted, expressing gratitude to everyone who had offered her encouragement and assured her that she wasn’t mistaken. She also acknowledged:

“After reading these comments, I feel like my MIL is vying with me, and I may even have to give my husband an ultimatum because things can only get worse from here.”

Her assumption that her husband would spend more time with his pregnant wife than with his mother was well-founded, according to several users, who also said that he should have been more supportive.

Some advised her to attempt to ask her husband why he spent so much time with his mother. The spouse informed her that this was what she had done since his mother had played a certain role in his life.

The woman claimed that after realizing her mother-in-law had no intention of altering it, she gave marriage dissolution considerable thought. If her husband continued to act as though he was still married to his mother, she threatened to divorce him.

The spouse sobbed and promised her he would change when he heard this. Though she knew she had to speak with her mother-in-law, who had only told her she would never win, the woman remained optimistic about her husband.

The lady made it clear that there was no winning or losing and that she would lose access to her granddaughter if her mother-in-law carried on acting in that manner. She verified that since she spoke with her spouse, he had also taken the initiative.

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