I am 51, and I fell in love with my best friend’s 33-year-old son.

I never thought that at 51, I would fall in love. I had no idea that the man I was sleeping with and dating was actually the 33-year-old son of my closest friend. Was this all just the start of a tragic error?

Was Thursday the date? On a Friday? I’m not sure. I can’t recall. Not that it matters in the life of a lonely fifty-one-year-old, such as myself, how many days there are in a week.

What I do recall, though, is that I was in a cafe that day. I was using my laptop to write on something, maybe a report, when two people entered and took seats at the table across from me. They were a young couple in love, holding hands and giggling.

They were seated so close to one another that the wind would have to stop in order for them to move aside and let it through. I averted my gaze. Their intimacy, their affection, and how much they were into each other was something I could not stand.

Hi, my name is Lesley, and this is my narrative. An account of a lonely 51-year-old woman who slept with her best friend’s son fell in love against her will, and couldn’t resist the man who brought back her smile after all these years.

I was by myself. I had been for a good number of years. My life was devoid of affection following my divorce. Josh, my ex-husband, wed a younger lady since I was unable to bear children, but she was able to.

I don’t know why, but I had a strong sense of regret, jealousy, and melancholy when I saw the couple in the cafe that day. I stood up and left.

Is that how Josh hands his new bride? Did they meet like that behind my back? within a café? Or, even worse, did they share a bed behind my back when I wasn’t home?

That’s what my brain told me, no. Lesley, you just can’t trust a stranger!
I sobbed while I sat in my car. Like when Josh informed me he wanted a divorce because I couldn’t have kids, I sobbed. I was feeling lonely and depressed. I pulled out my phone and gave Jennifer, my closest friend, a call.

Dear God, Les! Tell me it’s not about Josh, please! She sobbed. “Look, sweetie, you need to move on from that guy! Les, he betrayed you. And you’re still in tears over him?

Still crying, I firmly answered, “Jen, I’m not crying FOR him.” “I feel so bad about myself. I simply feel like such an inadequate woman.

Then, darling, go find someone for yourself. You’ll discover that the world is filled of trashy lovers just like your ex if you go out and meet men. Sorry, Les, but I don’t believe a man can make things right in your life.

“So what should I do now? Perish by yourself? Jen, look at what I’ve become. I just work, lie in bed, and drink wine when I’m depressed and alone. I never thought my life would become so miserable!

“Well, then, sweetie, what did you anticipate? Hey, Les, would you mind dropping by so we can discuss? I could prepare a meal for you.

“NO!” I let out a cry into the phone. “I’m OK without everyone! Nobody! Have you heard me? Just let me pass away by myself!

“Jen, I’m 51, and women my age don’t fall in love; they raise grandchildren.”

Is that my expectation of her? When I see those around me thriving, does she understand how I feel? I pondered.

When I observed everybody around me grinning and having fun, I felt trapped and smothered. All I had done since the divorce was weep. I was afraid, but I wanted to feel loved.

Did I have the strength to bear another heartbreak?

A few days later, I missed my bus since I always leave work late. My phone died, so I was unable to contact an Uber, so I chose to wait for the next one.

“May I be of any assistance to you?” I looked up from my book when I heard a low voice and saw a man with his window down in his automobile.

“Me?” I inquired.

He grinned. “It looks like nobody else is here! Where can I drop you off?

That’s what my brain told me, no. Lesley, you just can’t trust a stranger!

“No, I’m okay,” I replied. “I’m holding out for the bus.” Regards.

“It’s growing chilly and darker. There won’t be a bus for 20 minutes. Are you certain you wish to hold off?

I have no idea why I didn’t refuse him. “I want to see your ID,” I enquired. “That kind of stranger is someone I can’t trust.”

He held it out and said, “There you go.” “This is Tyler.”

“I’m going to snap a photo of it and forward it to my buddies. Is that acceptable? I enquired. I acted as though I had taken the photo and emailed it to my pals. I didn’t want to wait by myself in the freezing night.

My heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest.
As I got comfortable in his car, he inquired, “So, where are you headed?”

He nodded when I told him the address. Well, that’s fairly close! Fantastic! Please, what wonderful name is yours?

“Lesley,” I remarked, grinning a little. “It’s nice to meet you, Tyson. I appreciate the ride.”

“Don’t worry! In passing,” he remarked. “Your name is quite beautiful. and you’re beautiful, if I may say so.

I grinned. It was a long time since I had grinned that much for anyone.

Was my face turning red?

“Well, thanks,” was all I could manage to say. “You… You too have a good look!

“Oh, you don’t need to be so polite!” He laughed. “You’ve seen better, I know that. Hey, have a peek at you!

My heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest. What was taking place?

I said, “That’s really kind of you, Tyson.” “Actually.”

As he came to a stop, he remarked, “I guess we’re here.” “Your residence.”

“Oh!” I reddened. “Yes, indeed…I nearly forgot to tell you to put the car in park. Regards—”

He said, “Are you free tomorrow?” as I was ready to exit the vehicle.


With a nice smile, he continued, “I’d love to take you out on a coffee date if that’s okay with you. I hope that’s alright.

Without saying anything, I got down. I then turned around and asked, “Is 7 p.m. a good time?”

It all started with a coffee date, and before I knew it, I was in love. Although Tyson, 33, is 18 years my junior, love has no age restrictions, does it?

He held me and I felt so special. We were sharing my bed a week after we first met, and he would always come running to me when I needed him. I felt alive when I met him. Although I was terrified of falling in love, everything seemed so unique. I was unable to resist him. I was powerless against the lovely sensation of love.

In an attempt to disprove Jenifer’s assertion that there aren’t many “trashy lovers” in the world, I made the decision one day to tell her about Tyson and our relationship. But I was in for a surprise when I arrived at her residence.

I observed a man when I entered her living room. He was stunning. His name was Tyson, and he had a lovely smile and golden hair.

Jennifer introduced Tyson as her son, Les. “Lesley is my best friend, Tyler. Meet her.” Tyson spent the last month in Canada before going back home.

We acted as though we didn’t know one another, and afterwards Tyson begged me to be honest with Jen about our connection.

I’m terrified. Bewildered. worried.

How should I proceed? Must I confess to Jen that I’m seeing her son? Will it jeopardize our friendship, or is it the proper thing to do? What happens if I tell Jen about it and she persuades Tyson to break up with me? In that scenario, would I lose both my new love and my friend?

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