I am from a poor household…

A lady and her mother overcame adversity following her father’s desertion by using unusual measures to support the family. The woman put in a lot of work and was able to get a scholarship to a prominent institution with the help of her brother. However, their connection fell apart when the woman’s fiancé, Javi, learned about her mother’s background.

The woman’s mother became upset when she recognized Javi’s uncle at a visit with his family. Javi later revealed that his uncle had a past relationship with the woman’s mother and accused her and her of being wealth diggers. Due to the uncle’s adultery, he was divorced, and Javi thought the woman’s family was to blame for the chaos.

The woman endured criticism from Javi and threats to cancel off their engagement despite standing up for her mother. The woman had to make a difficult decision, and she decided to break up with her partner to spare her family from hurt and discrimination. She wondered if she had made the correct choice, but she refused to be ashamed of her family’s past.

The woman thanked the internet community in later posts for the unexpected support. Although Javi expressed regret, he was adamant on keeping her mother out of the wedding festivities, putting his family’s expectations ahead of the woman’s feelings.

The lady quit the relationship because she wouldn’t compromise her family’s morality. She also expressed guilt for not telling her boss about her mother’s background earlier.

The woman stressed her devotion to upholding her family’s honor by promising to repay Javi for his contribution to her brother’s schooling, despite the emotional cost. The narrative sheds light on the intricacies of interpersonal bonds, cultural perceptions, and the woman’s fortitude in putting her family’s welfare ahead of her own.

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