I can’t be the only one who is old enough to remember exactly what this copper-colored object is.

A favorite pastime of many children and adults is roller skating.

According to legend, roller skates were originally used in a 1743 stage play in London. In 1760, while residing in the city, John Joseph Merlin claimed to have invented the first skate.

They were even mentioned in the United States’ unsuccessful attempt to use them to transport soldiers across Europe during World War II in order to conserve petrol.

They initially gained popularity as a recreation in the United States in 1935, and when disco music skating rinks were built in the 1970s, the activity took off.

If you’re older, you might recall those bulky metal skates that fit over your shoes and changed size to fit your growing feet. However, most skaters wore a metal device around their neck, which you might not recall coming with these skates.

Social media users are sharing pictures of the copper-colored device, and many are speculating that it’s a tool or bottle opener.

It is a skate key, and anybody with roller skates needed one if they skated before the 1970s.

Your shoe would be connected to the skates, and the skate key would allow you to change the size.

Most individuals would wear the key around their neck to prevent losing it while skating since it would fit into the rear of the pair of skates.

Even songs have been created about this crucial skating accessory.

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