I ditched a woman on our first date, and although everything going well, but I can justify my decision.

During their first date, a man canceled because of something she did. He questioned whether leaving her behind was the right decision, and online commenters offered their opinions.

On a dating app, a man got to know Kim. After exchanging a few texts, they agreed to get coffee together after realizing their relationship had promise.

In an attempt to find out if what he had done was wrong, the man posted his account on Reddit. He thought that calling off his date was a sign of weakness, thus he was interested in hearing other people’s opinions.

At first, things were going well between the man and Kim. Although the man admittedly thought the date was dull, they went on to get coffee and chat before heading to an outdoor park.

They spent the thirty-minute journey to the park getting to know one another better. It was just like any other date, with background music playing.

But after they arrived at the park, strange things began to happen. The guy had to visit the restroom while they were chatting about unimportant topics.

When the man had done, he saw Kim outside chatting with another man. The other man asked him who he was when he approached them since they were flirting.

He was surprised to hear Kim say, “He’s just my friend.” She gladly offered the other man her number so they could go out for drinks when he went on to ask for it.

Without a doubt, Kim’s date was astounded. When he saw that Kim openly expressed interest in another man, he was not very interested in getting to know her anymore. right in front of him.

He concluded, “I have no future with her if she’s the kind of person to show interest in another guy and exchange info in front of me. I wasn’t that interested in her.”

Soon after, Kim’s disappointed date came up with a pretext to leave. Knowing it would be difficult to spend a further forty minutes with her in the passenger seat, he got into his car and drove home without her.

The man wondered if he had been too harsh in leaving the woman at the park, forty minutes from her house, after telling his story. After what Kim had done on their date, he thought it was appropriate for him to abruptly break up with her.

One woman supported the man by writing, “If I’m lucky enough to get a date that is generous enough to buy me drinks and drive me for free, I can hold myself for a day and not openly flirt and call you ‘just a friend.'”

“On a date, you don’t flirt and trade numbers with other people. Another added, “I’m sure she can arrange for transportation home.”

Others thought he was cruel for abandoning a woman in an unfamiliar park, even despite this. “Man, just let her go. You never have to talk to her again after 40 minutes. One person reminded him, “Never let petty [expletive] stop you from being kind and considerate.”

How do you feel about the man’s circumstances? Do you think his actions were justified? If you had been in his position, how would you have responded?

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