I found my husband’s betrayal and double life thanks to a Facebook post.

It started innocently enough, with a casual browse through a parents’ Facebook community as a means of finding support and companionship. You noticed a picture of a stunning woman holding your spouse. Bewilderment and incredulity swept over you. How could your partner have such a close relationship with an unknown person?

When you navigated to her profile, a stunning image of your husband’s double life was displayed. Realistic photos caught intimate moments, behind-the-scenes meetings, and a degree of intimacy that made you wonder if your marriage was truly true.

Driven by feelings that ranged from rage to sadness, you went up to the woman who was in the pictures. She surprised you by admitting she didn’t even know you existed. She also thought that she and your spouse were in an exclusive relationship. Their times together were a part of a life full of hopes and kisses that were not quite right.

You were shocked to find that your spouse had been living two lives, keeping his promises to you and this gullible lady separate. The realization made you doubt the person you believed to be familiar with.

You and the woman decided to speak with your spouse together. The treachery weighed heavily on the truth as it came to light. There were decisions to be made, and the future was not certain.

The Facebook post that rocked your world served as the impetus for a fresh start. It was the close of one chapter, leaving you to pick your way through the ruins of betrayed confidence and start over. You found the fortitude to start afresh and move past the ruins of a marriage that had looked indestructible while you dealt with the fallout.

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