I playfully scrawled a message on my husband’s chest before his workplace Christmas party.

Travis was supposed to go to the office Christmas party, but because he doesn’t drink much, his wife Micaela decided to do something enjoyable instead, something they could laugh about afterward.

She scrawled, “This is my husband—touch him, and you’ll pay.” on his chest.

Having promised to return home early, her husband dressed and left for the party. She wanted him to enjoy himself and was eager to find out if the message was received by anyone.

She was shocked to see, though, that someone had written “Keep the change” beneath her writing the next morning.

She initially believed that someone was playing a practical joke on her, but as she became uneasy, she decided to consult her mother.

Micaela followed Travis’ advice to make sure he wasn’t genuinely cheating on her after her mother advised her to do so.

When she saw Travis wasn’t going to work one day as he stated, but rather was traveling in another route, she became suspicious and used a GPS to track his car.

Micaela trailed behind him. She was the first to enter the flat after he did and saw her spouse with another lady.

She questioned, “So, you’re the one who left a message on my husband?” “Husbands like this deserve to be treated like spare change,” the other woman replied, appearing unconcerned.

Micaela and Travis’s marriage began to fall apart after that event. She filed for divorce because she knew she deserved better.

She eventually made new friends and is now as content as ever.

Some of the comments made on Micaela’s account of how she discovered her husband cheating are shown below.

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