I rejected the man I liked on our first date, despite his offer to pay for the entire $400 dinner.

Because of my workaholic lifestyle, I was unmarried for years until a friend put me in touch with Alex. From the outset of our conversations, he seemed ideal—beautiful, clever, and charming with a fantastic sense of humor. He works as an architect. When the $400 bill showed up, our first dinner at his boyhood favorite chain restaurant took an unexpected turn.

I offered to pay Alex $200, but Alex insisted on treating me. But when he proposed that I utilize my funds for breast surgery, his generosity took a very different turn. Startled, I collected myself and shot back, calling attention to how ridiculous his remark was and suggesting that he undergo a “brain-increasing” treatment. I left $200 on the table and walked out.

I later found out that because of our waiter’s relationship, Alex had been barred from the entire restaurant network. His attempts to defend the offensive remark and his foolish attempt to have me dismissed exposed his callous nature. The event served as a warning and taught me to confront disrespect. I’m still open to dating despite this since I know that not all men are like Alex. The episode served as a reminder of how important it is to respect other people, and Alex was held accountable for his disrespectful comments.

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