10 Nostalgic Then and Now Pictures to Make You Smile

Examining our past and observing how we have evolved throughout time is always fascinating. We may even find ourselves shocked by what we discover when we contrast what we recall from that era with what we have now.

That was something that many people did when they devised the then-and-now meme challenge. The details and images that individuals were sharing were simply amazing.

For many, this is more than simply an intriguing view of the past. It might serve as the motivation you need to take up a project of this nature for yourself.

#1. “Mom and daughter on their third birthdays, dressed in the same outfit that Nana lovingly repaired.”

#2. “I’m clinging to my girl even more at her 2020 high school graduation than I did at mine in 2002.”

#3. “Cricketing games: 1980s vs 2020”

#4. “Me and my brothers”

#5. “I recreated some pictures that my dad took while visiting Amsterdam as a way to honor him on Father’s Day.”

#6. “From kitten to cat and from baby to kid”

#7.  “Met my brother to re-create some 20-year-old photos!”

#8. “To celebrate our 17 years of marriage, we thought we would try to recreate one of our favorite wedding photos!”

#9. “It’s everything I’ve ever wanted for my 60th birthday.”

#10. “16 years later, my cousins and I recreated our photographs.”

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