I split up with my fiancée right before our wedding because of her awful demands.

My fiancée and I had been dating for five years when I proposed. She was giddy with anticipation and eager to get prepared. The devoted pair appeared to have a bright future ahead of them, but when the woman revealed her actual nature, the man became so lost that he turned to online users for support.

This story’s protagonist is a forty-five-year-old man. He and his ex-wife share custody of his 11-year-old daughter from his first marriage. However, he rediscovery his love and started a new relationship. His fiancée and his daughter had gotten along from the start, which delighted the dad.

Following the proposal, the engaged woman began to ask her friends to be her bridesmaids and looked at possible locations. However, something unexpected transpired after that.

“She then told me she wanted her niece to be a flower girl,” the man wrote. which was fine with me, but I also mentioned that I wanted my daughter to be a flower girl. My fiancée gave me a weird look before stating that she didn’t think my daughter would be a good match for the role.

“I got angry and told her that my daughter would be in our wedding,” the astonished man wrote. My fiancée started to become agitated and declared that my daughter would not be one of the girls in the wedding. I informed her that there might not be a wedding if my daughter wasn’t involved. I hurriedly left and went to get ice cream with my daughter.

My daughter informed me that she believes she will look lovely in whichever outfit my fiancée chooses for her wedding. My heart was broken by this.

In an attempt to talk things over, he texted his fiancée to let her know he would be spending the night at a friend’s. Subsequently, his mother-in-law texted him that he was being overly dramatic, that his daughter didn’t need to attend the wedding, and that he was being a jerk for having announced that he would cancel.

The man asked online people for assistance because the situation was particularly unpleasant: “So, did I push it too far by saying I will cancel? “Am I being a good dad or am I exaggerating this?” Most people who commented agreed with the man. It should be noted that 46,000 individuals loved the first comment.

Here are some remarks:

  • It’s a serious red flag. Don’t expect her to involve your daughter in her life if she chooses not to include her stepdaughter in her wedding. 10×10Hag / Reddit
  • I understand that the default expectation is for the bride and groom’s children to be involved in the ceremony in some capacity. In my opinion, it would be suitable to incorporate the child into the vows. Your fiancée is the jerk in this situation unless the youngster has a behavioral problem that could cause disruptions. hannafrie / Reddit
  • God, I get why you don’t want her to be a flower girl, but it’s terrible to want her out of the ceremony altogether, like a Disney stepparent. I’m hoping this parent makes the proper decision. PlasticPaulBunyan / Reddit
  • He has been dating this woman for five years, when his daughter was six years old, which makes it seem even more nefarious. After spending over half of her life with his fiancée, the girl feels as though she can “start over” and move in with her mother now that they are getting married. I would call off the wedding and start preparing to break up with the person. LeftCoast28 / Reddit

When my spouse’s youngsters were seven and nine years old, I married him. After my husband and I exchanged vows, the boys joined us to make family vows. We lit the unity candle as a foursome. I wed a family instead of a man.

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