I suspected my husband was cheating with the nanny of our three children and installed hidden cameras to prove it.

A woman had suspicions that her spouse was having extramarital affairs with both her and their kids. But she needed to look into it because she didn’t have any evidence that this was what happened.

A 38-year-old woman and her 45-year-old husband lived with their three children, who ranged in age from four to nine, five years ago. Their nanny had been employed by the family for about two years at that point.

The 22-year-old nanny had been highly recommended by others. The nanny was going to graduate school later that year, so she was taking a year off from school. She had also previously worked for family friends, who praised her for her excellent ability with children.

After choosing to interview the nanny, the mother felt it was only fitting to hire her as her kids clicked with the girl right away. After employing the child, the woman claimed that she soon blended in with their family.

In addition to watching the family on weekends and occasionally during the workday, the nanny accompanied them on trips to Hawaii, Florida, and Mexico. The mother was pleased with the nanny’s care for her kids, but she started to worry about other behaviors.

Why Did The Woman Seem Shady?

The woman was a corporate event planner, and her busiest days were Saturdays. She occasionally expected her nanny to leave after the kids went to bed at 10:30 p.m. when she returned home after midnight.

But when the wife got home at one in the morning, she discovered the nanny was still there. When the woman entered, the girl was still in her coat, and she appeared agitated when her spouse emerged from the den behind the nanny.

When the woman questioned the girl about what she had been doing, she revealed that she and the woman’s husband had been watching a movie. The woman said the nanny had been paid. “It’s not like she’s a stranger in the house,” the husband stated after informing her that he was unable to order the girl to leave.

When her daughter went to bed, the mom inquired about her feelings, sensing something was off. The young child informed her mother that although her siblings had gone to bed at their regular hour, she was unable to sleep due to her father and nanny’s loud laughter and conversation, a habit they shared on Saturdays.

The mom discovered this not only from her kid but also from the fact that the nanny had called her husband “the hot dad” at one point. The woman started to inquire about previous exchanges between her husband and the nanny, such as pictures they had taken together and the amount of gratuity her husband had given the nanny.

How Did The Female Act?

Not long after her initial post, the woman said that she had been having a rough time and that she had gone to her OB-GYN to have a full STD panel because she thought her husband might be having an affair with the nanny.

In addition, she disclosed that she had hired a private investigator to help her find out if her husband was having an affair with their nanny and that she had cameras planted throughout their house.

The woman also related an incident where the family had brought the nanny along for a vacation to Hawaii. The woman claimed that practically every night, her husband would sneak out of their room, claiming he couldn’t sleep. When the woman was getting ready to go on their last day, she noticed that her nanny and husband were having trouble getting out of bed and getting ready.

“Y’all both have something in common,” she said to her husband when she was able to wake her up and he finally fell asleep.

The wife didn’t realize until much later that her husband and the nanny had more than just bad sleeping habits. She even inquired as to whether it was the first time she might have revealed their secret.

One night, the woman came home to find her husband waiting for her in the den after she had waited for the cameras to be put without telling him. Though she had been acting as though nothing was wrong, she was eager to see the film that the covert cameras had recorded.

“After going to bed and making sure my husband was asleep, I came downstairs an hour later and switched on my laptop in the study to watch video playback,” she said, expressing her feelings about the circumstance.

When the mother saw the video, she witnessed her husband cuddling up to the nanny in front of her kids. This was just the beginning, as the nanny kissed her husband on the neck after approaching him from behind while he was watching television after finishing with her kids.

The nanny sipped his drink and straddled her husband, who then grinned and pulled her in for another kiss. After the husband had made sure the kids were asleep, the nanny and the woman’s husband had an intimate moment in the guest bedroom.

The woman admitted that she wasn’t sure if she should confront her husband right away or try to catch him in the act. Some who saw the post suggested she hire a lawyer before moving forward, while others recommended she divorce her spouse right away.

A few months later, the woman provided an update on her circumstances. She found out that her husband was having personal relationships with many women in addition to the nanny.

When she decided to confront him about his infidelity, he ultimately placed the responsibility on her. He then implied that I was having an affair and made it sound as though I was refusing him affection and sex.

It’s obvious that their disagreement ultimately caused them to part ways. Her spouse hurled the framed photo of their wedding day off the wall and aggressively punched the window of the woman’s walk-in closet.

The woman was relieved to have such a large burden removed from her shoulders, even if it pained her. What grieves her the most, aside from having to dissolve her marriage, is that her daughter, who is nine years old, holds her responsible for their split.

The mother said, “Our oldest daughter wants to live with her father. She is still angry with me, and it breaks my heart because I love her so much.” The same afternoon that she decided to post an update on Reddit, she and her divorced husband had to negotiate a formal separation agreement with their attorneys.

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